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MTrue's Mystery Palm

Previous Palm Images of Return Clients Beneath


New Image of Right Palm

"Time For Change"

Dear Readers ~
In examining lines of this Return Clients palms, I see subtle changes in both palms over the past three years.

(Previous Palm Images Below).

So lets take a look at his right hand New Image first, and concentrate on the lower part of palm which reflects the age he is now: this is clients hand of major use which reveals objective nature and outward response toward his environment and societys rules.
*Life line (brown line begins between thumb and Jupiter finger and travels around Venus mount into palms base. Indicates physical vitality one can expect throughout ones lifetime; moves or changes of life style; and interference from relatives or friends) shows a brown cross mark (x) positioned on outside of doubled Life line; and this means client is in the middle of a significant move or change of life style at present. The doubled Life line reveals terrific physical resistance toward lifes stressful situations. On innermost Life line I see interference from close relatives around age eighty; and more interference from less close relatives or associates a few months later.
*Mars Sister lines are pronounced, curling all the way along inside of Life line on Venus mount, which is another sign of physical reserve in times of need. This client certainly IS a strong fellow.
*Venus mount is peppered with triangles, which are a sign of shrewdness and discretion. Multiple squares of protection are just as evident as before, which means clients survival instincts are strong as ever.
*Thumb chain (chain like line connecting thumb to Venus mount) reveals client can provide compelling presentations, also intricate arguments and convincing ideas.
The freckle positioned on middle segment of thumb emphasizes ability to allow logic to rule over emotion and ego. Thumb middle segment has no waist; its amply thick in the center which portrays straight forward approach, lack of guile.
*Triple fork Head line ending (blue line positioned above Life line. Reveals ones ability to succeed) hasnt changed a bit , which is a good thing. Triple fork ending is the hallmark of a brilliant and remarkably inventive mind. The beginning of the fork formation begins under area of Saturn mount, which shows ability to see both sides of issues.
*Heart line (long red horizontal line begins at palms outer edge and travels toward Jupiter mount. Reveals ones capacity for loving). I see subtle change indicating greater concentration on tangible assets. That is because a new Heart line branch almost touches Headline ; sign of spending great amounts of time acquiring material acquisitions.
*Girdle of Venus (hot pink colored cradle like line positioned above Heart line) appears slightly more complete than in previous image. Presence of a Girdle indicates love of creativity, beauty, music, art. It is a sign of passion for ones work, and in new image appears deeply embedded as well as more complete.
*Apollo line (violet vertical lines leading up into Apollo mount. Not all possess an Apollo line and presence reveals love of art, beauty, creative ventures and money making hobbies) still show a partnership at this present stage of life; but the line is not as long as in previous image. I see a tiny square of protection concerning clients reputation and four tiny cross marks positioned on Apollo mount that indicate obstacles during a long but successful project. I see two successful projects in clients later years.
*Fate line (long white colored lines running up into Saturn mount reveals ones life direction, determination and sense of purpose. Also indicates satisfaction or dissatisfaction with ones social and financial standing in life) now indicates a relationship with a loved one proves to be the most beneficial (more than the business partnership and your own personal career efforts) well into your golden years.
*Line of divided Anxiety (yellow line running from inside Venus mount and touching Saturn crease where middle finger joins palm) reveals even greater concern for balancing home life with profession. This line appears a great deal deeper than in previous image.
*Jupiter crease (where pointer finger joins palm) contains more yellow colored short vertical ambition lines, a sign of many auspicious activities.
*Mercury finger is positioned apart from Apollo finger in new image, a sign of greater receptivity and open mindedness.
*Luna mount triad (white colored tent like dermal on Luna) and deeply engrained loop dermal positioned between Saturn and Apollo mounts combine to present a picture of one who works hard and sacrifices for the good of the ones he loves and admires. The Luna positioned dermal is indeed a sign of selfless, pure devotion. *Wrist rascettes (yellow colored wrist bracelets) are quite multitudinous, a sign of good luck and longevity.

Left Palm
New Image Left Palm

Lets look at left palm New Image: clients silent hand which reveals subjective nature and inner dreamy response toward his environment and societys rules.
*Life line matches or mirrors what is going on in clients right palm at present age. This means client is truly in touch with his psyche; and is determined to fulfill his destiny. Life line is doubled which signals emotional strength rather than the physical the right hand represents.
*Mars Sister Lines appear as deeply engrained as in previous image, a good sign of emotional resistance toward stress.
*Venus mount contains more obvious triangles, meaning client is a master of discretion. Several more crosses positioned low on Venus reveal squabbles coming from distant relatives or friends.
*Thumb chain appears doubled, so those who argue with this client had better come well prepared. This long Head line and intense thumb chain show natural great taste and innate talent for debate.
*Head line is deeply etched and not changed from previous image, a good sign of mental stability. Length of line shows superior mentality.
*Heart line reveals a new branch running downward, touching Head line, a sign of greater desire for spending time on acquiring financial security. I also see a small marriage cross positioned high on Jupiter mount not observed in clients left palm previously. This cross is a sign of happy marriage or marriage like relationship.
*Girdle of Venus appears more complete than in previous image, which reveals client is more in touch than ever with his creative roots.
*Apollo line(s) now touch clients Apollo crease and slant toward Mercury mount, sign of greater humor and fun involving creative projects. Client is able to see the humorous side of life, which makes projects more fun and enjoyable. I see two projects that prove most satisfying and successful.
*Fate lines reveal working with other creative souls proves to bring the most inner satisfaction and feelings of accomplishment. I see lifelong devotion to creative projects.
*Jupiter crease and mount exhibits additional ambition lines which means this clients well of ingenuity is far from dry!
*Mercury finger is positioned separated which shows inner confidence and kudos. *Luna mount triad dermal portrays sincere desire for helping others during clients journey through life. Intuition line appears more deeply etched, which shows nothing gets past this client.
*Wrist rascettes indicate client is meant to have a long journey in this life as well as many lucky situations.
Lets summarize and answer clients questions:
1.) Do you see any significant events in my career and money matters anytime in the future? My Answer ~ If you are not in the middle of a significant change of life style you will be within this year according to both palms Life lines outer cross marks. This event proves to be agreeable with your health and life style as both palms Life lines remain doubled afterwards. I also mentioned you are ready for bear when it comes to convincing others to your way of thinking. Your straightforward approach, discretion about others concerns, attention to detail, and sense of humor will win others over.
2.) When do you see my end? My Answer ~ quality of meatiness of your palms and doubled Life lines reveal you are strong like a bull. Your wrist rascettes are so multiple I cannot count them, and your Fate lines stretch way above your Heart line which reveals projects and social life well into golden years. Your thumbs are not eaten up by arthritis (another sign of physical strength); and overall palm coloring is pleasantly rosy, a sign of vitality. At 72 now, you can easily live another twenty years more. You are obviously taking measures to protect your health. You possess sound mind and will to the end, as there are no tassels on Head line ending. Your Heart line is deep and unbroken, as is your Life line, all GOOD signs of vitality and long life.
3.) Do you see my selling my patent or otherwise and making some money? My Answer ~ The small crosses on your Apollo mount combined with small crosses on Apollo finger respectively shows one who achieves public recognition, and one who is successfully dedicated to ones art. The top branch of Head line (in right palm) lilts upward, sign of luck in making money. Your cross on outer Life line reveals its time for a change of life style (plus, I don't see negative signs like islands on Fate or Apollo lines) so you should go for it.

*If any of you have questions or comments, feel free to contact me.*

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Right Palm
Previous Image of Right Palm
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