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Right Palm lines and markings
Hand of Major Use

"Thumbs Up For Successful Career"

Dear Readers ~
Let’s begin with examining shape and characteristics of these palms (Chirognomy): hand shape is long fingers with even longer busily-lined wide palms which are both ‘Water’ sensitive and ‘Fire’ social categories. Combination hands reveal complex character - convoluted lines and markings reveal much electrical energy pulsating from the brain to the hands. All fingers are positioned apart – especially Mercury – sign of open-mindedness. Mercury finger is long – which portrays strong communication skills and need for expressing truth (straightness of Mercury finger and ample tip). Long graceful thumbs with ample tips represent excellent will and logic – plus logic segments (middle section of thumb) are embossed with a least four visible horizontal lines on both thumbs. In Vedic palmistry these lines are fortuitous and signify one entitled to wealth and recognition. Jupiter finger appears most prominent and reveals a woman who should be in business for herself. Loop dermal patterns on finger tips reveal a socially adaptable and resilient nature. Luna mount appears most prominent - Luna mount reveals attributes of the Moon; and indicates one’s ability to utilize dreamy, subconscious, creative nature within. Luna mount is plumped and heavily lined with crosses, islands, lines of mental travel – which indicates lunar personality.
Let’s look at right palm lines and markings (Chiromancy): client’s hand of major use which reveals objective nature and outward response toward her environment and society’s rules.
*Life line (brown line begins between thumb and Jupiter finger and runs around Venus mount into palm’s base. Reveals physical vitality one can expect throughout one’s lifetime; moves/changes of life style; and interference from relatives) portrays family closeness and several moves/changes of life style in early age. I see two important moves in early to mid-twenties; after then an ‘island’ appears on Life line, showing stress for a couple of years. I see interference from a close relative during this period. Things smooth out stress-wise for about a year – but another crisis (another ‘island’ embedded on Life line) erupts and this one lasts around a year. After this crisis is healed I see a move/change of life style around age thirty; and another move/change of life style a couple of years after. Age forty brings a pivotal move/change of life style and added opportunity (note fullness of Life line at this stage of life). From age forty through late fifties I don’t see any interference from relatives. Late fifties bring another challenge and big change (note Life line overlaps. Note Life line overlaps on Outside of original line – a fortuitous sign of increased Life opportunities. There will be interference from relatives during this period – but that will subside after a couple of moves/changes of life style in client’s mid and late sixties.
*Head line (blue somewhat horizontal line begins above Life line and travels toward Luna mount. Reveals one’s mental strength and direction – thus ability to succeed) begins firmly attached to beginning of Life line to reveal shyness in early age. Triangles represent two opposing forces overcome by one’s inner will – which equals success. I see one triangle positioned near age thirty and another positioned between age 35 and 40. Above the last ‘triangle’ a Mystic Cross shows incredible intuitive skills. Head line ends cleanly – sign of strong mental faculties throughout one’s lifetime; and line slants down toward Luna mount - area of dreams, creativity, travel, imagination.
*Heart line (long red horizontal line begins at palm’s outer edge and travels toward Jupiter mount. Reveals one’s capacity for loving) begins normally feathered which reveals mercurial emotions of youth; I see a happy and sad love relationship in client’s twenties; a happy one around age 35; and some sadness or disappointment around age forty. Ending configuration of Heart line is a fork: upper branch shows desire for harmony and equality in a love relationship; lower branch shows willingness to work long hours to achieve material compensation. The upper ending of fork also shows client doesn’t waste her time being the jealous type.
*Marriage Cross (red ‘x’ positioned on Jupiter mount) – indicates one memorable marriage or marriage-like union.
*Affection lines (short red horizontal lines positioned at Mercury mount’s outer edge) are represented by three lines positioned in upper portion of Mercury mount. So prognosis is memorable love relationships around age thirty, age forty and around age fifty. The second relationship line is deeply ingrained and appears most important and meaningful. I feel the third tiny line represents love for a child or grandchild.
*Ring of Jupiter (an accessory line not all possess) is also called Ring of Solomon and signifies deep empathy and sensitivity toward others.
*Anxiety line of Self-Promotion (yellow running through Jupiter mount to outer edge of Saturn mount) is the sign of one who can actively promote oneself; as well as convey personal messages across quite well to attain public notice and appreciation.
*Girdle of Venus (pink cradle-like lines positioned above Heart line) reveals the soul and fire of an artist. This girdle is broken -- so it reveals unbridled passion for the projects and people this client favors.
*Child Lines (tiny orange vertical lines attached to Mercury crease – where little finger joins palm) reveal two beloved children.
*Medical Stigmata (short bright green verticals positioned on Mercury mount) reveal desire for aiding, assisting or healing others in need. This configuration is often seen in the palms of medical personal, therapists, or fine teachers.
*Mercury/Health lines (dark green verticals positioned beneath Heart line) are frayed which shows inner turmoil and stress. Client possesses the make-up of a person who really needs some pampering. She needs to go to a spa every now and then; let someone hot wax her hands; do her nails and toes. She needs some yoga or wonderful long walks to relive stress. She deserves this!
*Opposition lines (yellow horizontals positioned at palm’s outer edge) show client is wired for stress -- lines show beefs with authority figures or higher-ups
*Line of life-long Influence (yellow horizontal line deeply running from palm’s outer edge to within Venus mount) signifies an important person or event experienced in client’s early thirties – and this person or event changes the course of her life path forever.
*Apollo line (violet vertical lines running up into Apollo mount. Presence of this accessory line not all possess, indicates love of beauty, music and the arts) portray two creative enjoyable activities after age 35 -- because lines are positioned above Head line and beneath Heart line. One successful, creative talent carries client well into old age – note this line reaches all the way to the Apollo crease – which spells success!
*Fate line (long white vertical lines running from palm’s base toward Saturn mount. This line reflects one’s life devotion and direction; plus one’s satisfaction or dissatisfaction with personal social and financial standing in life. The Fate line is most mutable of all palm lines as it deepens and grows when one is feeling satisfied -- and fades when one is not). Fate lines reach beyond Heart line juncture – but appear to fade shortly after client’s late fifties. This shows at that time of life you will be searching for better answers and alternatives; and going through big changes to have a more quality life experience.
*Anxiety lines (yellow horizontal lines radiating from within Venus mount and running toward Mercury mount) show deep desire for attaining financial success.
*Luna Mount (area of palm concerned with intuitive, psychic, inventive skills) portrays excellent intuition; psychic dreams and flashes; and Via Lascivia – lowest violet line connecting Luna with Venus mount. This is a rare sign which reveals one who can make their dreams come to reality.
*Wrist Rascettes (yellow wrist rings at palm’s base. Client possesses many more than usual – and three are considered lucky – so this client is extra lucky!

Silent Palm
Non Dominant Hand

Let’s look at left palm lines and markings: client’s silent hand which reflects subjective nature and inner dreamy response toward her environment and society’s rules.
*Life line (in silent hand Life line reveals emotional rather than physical status) begins firmly attached to Head line revealing timidity and family dependence in early age till late teens. I see a break which indicates big change and doubling of Life line (called a sister line) reveals stronger focus and emotional fortitude in dealing with family interference. I see a change of life style or a move at around age 35 -- and a bigger one at age forty. After then interference from relatives comes to a halt. I see strong emotional status and happy older age. There is one incident with a relative in client’s late sixties – but a sister line at palm’s base reveals client handles this well.
*Head line –I see and ‘x’ mark on top of Head line; and with a slanted Head line ending this denote serious character. Client also possesses a fork on Head line ending – the writer’s fork – and the slight uplifted configuration of top branch shows knack for making money.
*Heart Line appears feathered, sign of mercurial emotions. The ‘island’ positioned under Apollo mount signifies stress or divided emotions in a love relationship during client’s forties. A triple fork ending on outer skirts of Jupiter mount is sign of good fortune in choice of marriage partners. Because this configuration lands on outer edge of Jupiter mount it reveals a more shrewd approach toward matters of love and romance. I see two marriage crosses which mean two meaningful love relationships. A clear teacher’s square is the sign of fine teaching skills.
*Affection lines reveal three love relationships later in life – and the second relations is most pivotal and meaningful to client.
*Anxiety line of Self-Promotion reflects strong ability for being one’s own boss.
*Lines of Divided Anxiety (yellow lines running from within Venus mount toward Saturn mount) portray deep desire for balancing family with profession.
*Girdle of Venus is more complete than ‘girdle’ of right palm; so this reveals unexplored passion for projects and people client loves. There is much more untapped potential client can unearth.
*Empathy Lines (bright green verticals positioned same as medical stigmata in right palm) signify deep sympathy for other’s unspoken desires and needs -- as well as for empathy toward needy beings.
*Writer’s Crosses (bright green ‘x’ marks positioned on Mercury mount) portray innate literary ability – writing skills, as client possesses at least two crosses.
*Mercury/Health lines are multiple which means client is certainly are a nervous type – hard-wired to be sensitive toward what others say and do. This can be client’s biggest obstacle in life.
*Opposition lines are multiple and another sign of one who really gets upset with those who hold some type of control over one’s life. Client’s stress can be controlled or eased with my suggestion that she should pamper herself often.
*Line of Life-Long Influence reveals an impressive person or event that deeply flavors the rest of client’s life between the ages of 35 and 40.
*Apollo line and ring of Apollo (sign of one who inspires others) show about four obstacles (‘x’ marks)client will overcome – and also feelings of pride and inner happiness concerning personal accomplishments. Client exhibits extra ability for working successfully with an outsider after age fifty.
*Fate line configuration shows refined focus and fewer obstacles after age thirty-five (Head line juncture) I see two main paths or careers and both bring inner satisfaction well into old age (note lines almost reach Saturn crease), an excellent sign.
*Anxiety lines radiate from within Venus mount toward Mercury mount and palm outer edge. These definitely show deep desire for the good life – and one with lines this strong almost always obtain success.
*Luna Mount is beautifully lined with intuition lines; lines of mental travel; crosses of unusual imagination; and a Via Lascivia.
*Pluto mounts (small fleshy mount located at palm outer edge and beneath Luna mount) are well-defined in both palms –sign of psychic ability and deep dream like states that also occur during wakened hours.
*Wrist Rascettes – I see at least four, representing luck and longevity; and top ring reveals love for children.
Let’s summarize and answer client’s questions:
1.) What will my love life be like? My Answer ~ I see love for you later in life – your right palm’s Fate line intersects with Line of Life Long Influence in your early thirties. Your Head line shows a triangle of success in early thirties. Affection lines show love later in life (after age thirty). Both Heart line configurations show shrewdness in love and romance – so it appears you and your partner will both work smart. You will both work hard and long hours to obtain a better life. I see two children in the picture as well.
2.) What will my health be like? My Answer ~ you possess a great deal of inner nervousness and your Opposition lines are multiple – more than most. This means you are a hard worker and know your work has great merit. You are quite capable of handling your own affairs so you resent others who attempt to alter you from your course of action. Things people say or do affect you more deeply than others. All this leads to stress which can affect your liver, spleen; pancreas – so you need a form of therapy or escape to a spa on a regular basis. This will calm your nerves and refresh your entire being. An improved quality of life will enhance your ability to work harder for success. Do this and there will be no problem.
3.) Will I become a successful writer? My Answer ~ YES – you possess the signs that are hallmarks of successful writers: Girdles of Venus in both palms; Writer’s Fork in left palm; Writer’s Crosses in both palms; Via Lascivia in both palms; strong Apollo lines in both palms; Well-defined Pluto mounts in both palms; and a Mystic Cross in your right palm. I see you leaning toward New Age material, and looks like your career will really blossom around age forty.


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”Hopeful ” I have had much difficulty in my life---especially since 2007. I’ve experienced being laid off; devastating illness; and loss of love relationship of my life. I am glad to say against all odds my health is much better and I am starting a new career path soon. As for love, well I met someone and am trying not to fall in love with her (age diff). Can you tell me what you see? I am beginning to feel that things are starting to settle down and perhaps there will be a lessening in the obstacles and bad surprises in my life.
Dear Hopeful ~
Upon examining your palm, I see a break in your Head line from @ age 35-to 42. Your Life line is a yellow-ish (sign of illness) instead of pink tone during the same period. To boot, you possess a broken “ring of Saturn” on both hands which tends to indicate depression. Things have been tough; but your Fate line will soon join your Life line lending strength and support to your life endeavors. You are not out of the woods quite yet; so concentrate on taking it slow and easy. Love yourself before delving into a new relationship -- YOUR priorities are number one now.

“Extra little finger segment”
Dear MTrue, I have 4 segmental lines on the little finger of my right hand, where as most people have only 3. Can you please explain the significance if any -- Thanking you, Buddy.
Dear Buddy ~
It all depends which of your finger phalanges appear divided by the additional line.
A). If it’s your lower segment that appears divided: Your need to communicate and express feelings to the outside world has been repressed. So you tend to keep inner feelings to yourself.
B). If it’s your middle segment that appears divided: This affects your views on marriage. You tend to be more accepting of other’s social or financial status when it comes to choosing a mate.
C). If it’s your finger tip segment that appears divided: Pure truth is not as important to you as the resulting end of situations. You practice a far less strict ‘live and let live’ attitude -- rather than focusing on exposing unfair situations.

A New Mark in My Palm”
Just recently, I’ve developed an “x” or cross marking in between my Life and Fate lines, in the bottom half of my palm. I’m concerned about what this means . . .
Dear New Mark ~
The particular marking you’re describing sounds like the “Saint Joseph’s Cross” – a benevolent marking that indicates willingness to travel long distances to assist others. Paramedics, missionaries, as well as military personnel often possess this noble marking. BTW, new markings or palmar changes easily occur every six months in one's life; due to both the forces of inner development and outside influences.

Absence of Fingerprints

Question:Dear MTrue ~
I can't see any fingerprints on my fingertips. Do you know anything about this or have you seen this in anyone else's hands? Elsa
Answer:Dear Elsa ~ No, personally I have not seen this in reading my many clients palms - but from what I've read, you possess a rare condition called Adermatoglyphia. Smithsonian has a good article about your condition:

Question: Dear MTrue ~ I am wondering if my career will finally take hold here in Pakistan or will I have to travel elsewhere for maximum success in life? ~ S.A.
A: Dear S.A. ~ your Life line reveals tremendous effort (tiny upward lines) and several moves/changes of life style in youth and early twenties. At age thirty I see a significant move -- and after then destiny will have many travels in store. So my answer to you is that you are a go-getter and success will take off in Pakistan; but you will be doing much travel for your career throughout your life time. The "trident" ending of your Fate line (white vertical) on Saturn mount reveals philosophical nature with good financial fortune and comfort in your old age. Happy Trails to you!
Note illustration below:

Hand of major use.
Life line is brown colored line; Fate line is white.
Right Palm
Rajah Loop, Family help, Apollo Mount Trident

Question: Dear MTrue ~ I am 31 years of age, male, right handed. Can you please check my right palm to determine if I achieve success in my career? I have nothing good happening in my career financially presently.~ HS
Answer: Dear HS ~ I see you possess a Rajah Loop (white loop dermal located between pointer and middle finger mounts) - which is a sign of royal bearing and superior leadership skills. You also possess an Apollo trident (purple trident marking on Apollo mount) - sign of public recognition for outstanding efforts. An inner Fate line(white vertical lines) reveals soon you will be receiving assistance from a family member - this person will give you the advice, backing and confidence you require for success. Accept their offer graciously!

Modified Simian Configuration
Heart and Head line combined

Question: Dear MTrue ~ I have a deep passion for Palmistry and Numerology. Do you see potential of Spiritual advancement for me in this Life. I am Age 43, female and possess all 'whorl' patterns on fingertips, except little fingers which are peacock whorls.
Answer: Heart line(red) joins with Head line(blue) to form a modified Simian configuration. The bearer of true Simian configuration is either a perfect sinner or saint; as the Simian is known for going to extremes. Your doubled Girdle of Venus(pink lines above Heart line) reveal passion and fervor for people and activities you favor. Centered solid Fate line (white vertical) shows focus and devotion to life purpose. Ring of Jupiter (purple ring on pointer finger mount) reveals knowledge of and empathy for other's unspoken needs. Medical Stigmata (short bright green lines on little finger mount)indicate desire for healing. Triad dermal positioned on Luna mount reveals placing others needs above ones own. Whorl patterns on finger tips reveal masterful qualities; purity and strength of character. You also possess St Joseph's crosses (blue crosses joining Fate with Life line), which reveal one who travels long distances in order to assist others. So yes, I'd say you possess a spiritual hand and also will continue to develop in that direction in the future.

Long Head line
Sydney Line

Question: Is this a modified Simian (combo of Head and Heart lines) or a Sydney Configuration?

Answer:At first I thought this was a Modified Simian -- but there's too much of a Heart line (even thought it's a Heart line with no beginning). The Head line cuts off the Luna Quadrant which is typical of the Sydney line. For those who are just learning about their palms, the Sydney line is a very long Head line. Michael Douglas the famous actor possesses a Sydney line. He had learning difficulties as a child but once he caught up - boy did he excel!!

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