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MTrue's Mystery Palm

Side View Images of Palms Included Below


Right Palm
Hand of Major Use

"Lasting Love"

Dear Readers ~
Lets begin with examining shape and characteristics of this clients hands: Lightly etched main palm lines; myriad of light accessory palm lines; well fleshed pink toned palms; and long thin fingers that are shorter than palm length, are Combination Fire and Water palms. Water palms characteristically exhibit long fingers, long palms and light main palm lines; with many fine accessory lines. Water people are soulful, intuitive, sensitive, esthetic in all ways. Fire people typically possess pink to ruddy palm color; well fleshed deeply lined palms; and fingers shorter in relation to palm length. Fire people are passionate, creative, and socially flexible and adaptable in both work and play. Fingertip and palm dermals display intrinsic characteristics as well; note large loop dermal (outlined in white, positioned on Luna mount) which reveals psychic awareness and keen memory. Pure whorl dermal positioned on Jupiter fingertip is a sign of high personal ambitions. Loop dermal patterns positioned on other fingertips reveals adaptable, social nature regarding wisdom (Saturn tip); creativity (Apollo tip); and communication (Mercury tip). Shorter Jupiter than Apollo finger length (looking at palm side of hand) is a masculine configuration that reveals masculine qualities or ability for doing quite well in the business world, more so than the average woman.
Lets look at right palm lines and markings (Chiromancy): hand of major use which reflects objective nature and outward response toward ones environment and societys rules.
*Life line (brown line begins between thumb and Jupiter finger, and then travels around Venus mount into palms base. Reveals physical vitality one can expect throughout ones lifespan; moves or changes of lifestyle; interference from relatives and friends) begins attached with Head line (blue line positioned above Life line) which shows family closeness, dependency (square mark and or shyness. A move or change of life style (represented by x mark positioned past square mark) reveals increased self awareness in preteens. An island mark follows, to portray feelings of loss or nervousness, until another move while in late teens. After then I see an additional move or change of life style around age twenty. At about age twenty nine, I see an overlapped break in Life line which indicates big change. In this clients case, the continuing Life line overlaps on outside of original line which is a sign of change for the better, with expanded life opportunity. Another move or change of lifestyle precipitates this big change. Mars Sister Lines (orange concentric lines on Venus mount), signs of physical reserve, seem to increase at this same stage of clients life. In her late thirties, Life line indicates another move or change of life style that is overall agreeable; but does present challenges. In clients early forties through early fifties, Life line becomes three lines: which represent expanded opportunity; health challenges; and improved physical endurance. I see a significant move or change of life style in clients early fifties. Afterwards Life line begins to double which shows increased physical endurance. There is interference from relatives in clients early fifties through late sixties (indicated by x marks positioned inside Life line). Client possesses obvious lines of family concern (yellow horizontal lines positioned on Venus mount) which shows she takes their concerns to heart. I see another move in clients mid sixties (probably because of too much interference from relatives); and lots of travel, indicated by tiny downward travelers lines attached to Life lines bottom side. Squares of protection positioned low on Venus mount reveal strong survival instincts reign in clients golden years.
*Head line (blue somewhat horizontal line positioned between thumb and Jupiter finger just above Life line. Reveals mental strength and direction; thus ones ability to succeed) begins showing more independent attitude in late teens. A large cross mark (blue x on Head line) indicates an obstacle or possible face or head injury in clients early twenties. Head line continues on smooth, which indicates normal return of mental energies and focus. In clients mid thirties, Head line divides into a large fork; and this very early division of Head line reveals strong ability for seeing both sides of issues. In other words, client will make a good judge or referee as a career; and possess ability for diplomacy in her personal life as well. The slight upward lilt of top Head line branch reveal knack for making money; lower branch indicates creative flair.
*Heart line (long red horizontal line begins at palms outer edge and runs across palm into Jupiter mount. Reveals ones capacity for loving) begins heavily feathered to reflect mercurial emotions of youth. An island embedded in Heart line reveals ambivalent feelings toward a loved one in clients early to mid twenties. There are at least two obstacles in love during clients late twenties. Age thirty five brings a period of feelings of loss; but afterwards Heart line appears to double and even triple to show a bounty of loving feelings. I see a triple fork on Heart lines ending with great emphasis on material acquisition. The triple fork is a sign of wise choice in marriage partner.
*Marriage crosses (red x marks positioned on Jupiter mount) show capacity for three memorable, often happy marriages; or marriage like relationships.
*Girdle of Venus (pink cradle like line running from inner Jupiter mount to outer Apollo mount) is doubled to reveal doubled passion for the people and projects client favors. The girdle is a must in the hand of an artist.
*Affection lines (short red horizontal lines attached to outer edge of Mercury mount.): I see five Affection lines which indicate a bounty of love. Most people are lucky to have two affection lines. The longest thickest affection line is positioned mid way up, which in old school palmistry represents mid life or age thirty five. The smaller thinner line floats under main affection line and represents additional love, or additional relationship. I feel this configuration represents love for a child; and having children in this specific relationship. While in clients golden years, I see another love relationship line that appears to lift up on ending; a sign of laughter and lightness in a loving relationship.
*Child lines (short orange verticals attached to Mercury crease, where little finger joins palm) indicate important three children.
*Mercury mount also contains a pronounced triad dermal; and this represents a great source of power regarding communication, sexuality, and sense of humor. I also see a partial ring of Mercury, sign of excellent communication skills particularly in close relationships or one on one. Several medical stigmata (bright green verticals on said mount) represent desire for aiding, assisting or healing humanity.
*Apollo lines (violet verticals running up into Apollo mount. This is considered an accessory line; and is not present in all palms. Presence reveals love of beauty, music, and the arts) are multiple representing a jack of all trades. I see two lines are longest and strongest. One of these lines reveals input from outsiders brings success, despite an obstacle. The other strong Apollo line reveals a strong partnership in clients golden years brings public recognition and good reputation. A lower Apollo line (positioned way lower and appears to be attached to Head line ending) indicates a partnership (note it joins a white Fate line) that begins around age thirty, and lasts well into old age.
*Fate lines (several white vertical lines begin at palms base and travel up into Saturn mount. Reveal ones devotion to life direction; also ones satisfaction or dissatisfaction regarding personal social and financial standing in life. The Fate line is considered most mutable of all palm lines; as it fades when one is dissatisfied with life direction; and reappears when one is happy again with personal life direction).Clients career begins with creative direction and at about age thirty, family becomes a career as well (note two outer Fate lines are joined). I see time devoted to an inherited talent in clients twenties and well into old age. All appear to bring satisfaction, as the continuing Fate lines are not broken.
*Luna mount is lightly etched with a riot of mental travel lines and large loop dermal; and combined with doubled girdle of Venus these markings reveal a creative, imaginative, intuitive, passionate soul.
*Wrist rascettes (bright yellow wrist rings) reveal luck and longevity; as client possesses three rings.

Left Palm
Silent Hand

Lets look at left palm lines and markings: clients silent hand which represents subjective nature and inner, dreamy response toward environment and societys rules.
*Life line (in silent hand Life line reveals emotional rather than physical status) begins portraying a great deal of inner shyness as Life line is firmly attached to Head line. Note the large island on Life line beginning in early twenties and lasting through near age thirty shows a division of energies or emotional resistance. Strong inner Mars Sister Lines reveal tremendous emotional strength. In late thirties Life line becomes assisted by Fate line and in essence doubles to indicate client weathers a storm of interference from relatives. It appears client finally get through this and really earns her badge! I see another move in clients mid sixties which appears agreeable.
*Head line is nicely etched and unbroken with a rather sharp downward slant toward Luna mount. This configuration indicates need for freedom of creative expression. Overall quality reveals excellent focus for success in life.
*Heart line contains a great deal of feathering to reveal emotional ups and downs regarding romance through clients mid twenties. Age thirty brings an obstacle (note red x on Heart line) in a love relationship. Afterwards, Heart line smoothes to indicate normal flow of loving energies. A large fork pattern reveals client is not a jealous type.
One Marriage Cross on Jupiter mount (red x) means one happy marriage.
Girdle of Venus is tripled which means client is a vamp; steamy and sexy. When someone dear holds her interest they get the full treatment and attention.
*Affection lines (reveal five affection lines on Mercury mounts outer edge. This configuration reveals two earlier love relationships and the present one which looks like a marriage; an enduring marriage according to depth and length. The shorter uplifted relationship lines above the big one are most likely loving relationships with two of clients children (everyone has their favorites).
*Child lines reflect the same as right palm: three beloved children.
*Mercury mount is busy with anxiety lines (dotted yellow lines) concerning material acquisition and financial security; and empathy lines (bright green verticals) which reveal sympathy for beings unable to help themselves.
*Mercury or Health lines are quite frayed and numerous which indicates bundles of inner nervousness. Being Pisces Sun makes a more delicate temperament and need for esthetic environment.
*Apollo lines reveal wild excitement over outside interests and fun activities once client hits age fifty (note Apollo lines sharply increase above Heart line). A partial ring of Apollo reveals client is an inspiration to others.
*Fate lines (there is one centered main Fate line in this hand) a long unbroken line is always a good sign of success and personal satisfaction especially concerning family. After age thirty five, I see further interactions with outsiders; and a long line of success flavored with creative activity.
*Luna mount is well defined with intuition lines; lines of mental travel; crosses of unusual imagination; triangles and squares (protection while sailing or traveling over bodies of water according to old school palmistry). Client possesses many more markings on Luna in this palm; which indicates she possesses untapped intuitive, psychic talent.
Lets summarize and answer clients questions:
1.) Is the person I am in a relationship with now the one or meant to last? My Answer ~ yes to both questions, according to both palms affection lines. The deep main affection line in right and left palms represents the relationship (physically and emotionally) you are in now; and is even clearly visible in both main palm images. The lower positioned short Apollo line in right palm shows a relationship or partnership that begins before age thirty five and lasts well into old age; as your Apollo line joins a long Fate line.
2.) Will I have children, and if so how many? My Answer ~ Yes, three children are indicated by your child lines in both palms and with the person you are involved with now. You will love all three children, but two will be especially dear to you.
3.) Am I on the right career path? My Answer ~ your Fate lines reveal increased life opportunity is coming your way soon; so my answer is yes and you are heading in a direction that will promise satisfaction and success. Your anxiety lines (dotted yellow lines running over both palms surfaces) are quite strong, which most often signals success because of drive and burning desire.

*If any of you have questions or comments, feel free to contact me.*

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Side View of Right Palm
Affection Lines Right Hand
Side View of Left Palm
Left Hand Affection Lines
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