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MTrue's Mystery Palm
Child lines are tiny orange verticals joined to Mercury Crease where little finger joins palm
3 orange Child lines -Mercury Crease


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"The Lover's Palm"

Dear Readers ~
I've decided to do something out of the norm again for this month. I have written an informative article about The Lover's Palm . .
Depending upon the type of lover you’re looking for, to find the right one you must first examine both of your own palms. This will familiarize you with hand analysis technique and sharpen your awareness. Once you’ve come to a better self-realization of your own needs and desires, you can increase your chances of finding the ideal lover, loyal companion or perfect career partner.
If it’s touching and sexual heat you require, initially look for a generous, plump mount of Venus – this indicates the necessary traits of passion, vitality and physical endurance. The palm coloring should be a healthy pink and moist to the touch. Multiple Mars Sister Lines adorning the Venus mount lend physical resistance and stamina. A strong Girdle of Venus shouts PASSION. A wider palm means the more out-going, athletic type; and a narrow–ish palm, the opposite. The lower finger segments should be ample – not short, thin, or heavily lined. Holding the little finger close to the ring finger indicates distrust or being secretive. One who expands their little finger, or all fingers far out is a non-conformist, ‘wild thing’ who’s willing to have sexual encounters in strange places at strange times. Those who wear rings on their ‘pinkies’ are emphasizing interest in sexual liaisons.
Bedroom antics, fun & games can be found with the partner who holds their ring finger tight to the middle finger – the sign of a playful lover. This type likes puppets, stuffed animals, cross-dressing, whipped cream, and singing during sex. The playful lover will perform any outrageous act they can think of to make a romantic experience fun and most certainly funny.
Want loyalty and harmony? Look for a deeply-etched Heart line that curves gently up between the pointer and middle fingers. This lover may vent, but is an excellent choice if you are determined to find harmony in long-term relationships. Family concern and devotion will be seen in the small horizontal ray-like lines high on the Venus mount.
If you desire children, look under the little finger on the mount of Mercury. Attached to the base of the little finger, you should see tiny fine vertical lines – the “child lines”. Multiple lines mean many children -- the longer lines indicating male children and shorter lines female children. It is also important to see many Mars Sister Lines on the Venus mount, because they indicate the stamina and compassion it takes to deal with children. Also look for a ‘humped’ wrist rascette (wrist ring) – as that indicates love of children.
If financial security is first and foremost, look for a Head line that ends pointing up to the Mercury mount; the mount that indicates one’s business acumen -- or look for a very long, straight Head line. A “trident” marking on the mount of Saturn reveals financial security in old age. A Heart line that ends touching the Head line indicates deep desire and drive for obtaining material possessions. The “Magic M”, formed by the Life, Head, Fate, and Heart lines is also a fortunate sign. Fingernails that appear to flair at the top (spatulate) indicate a high energy go-getter
For travel and adventure, look for a widely-curved Life line that ends toward the Luna mount, instead of comfortably curling around the Venus mount. Long Jupiter and Apollo fingers are a sign of a risk-taker and gambler. The Mercury finger should be long and positioned far from the Apollo finger. Tiny vertical ‘travel lines’ should be seen at the base of the Life line. Spatulate fingernails reveal a high-energy person happiest when active.
Alternative Life-Style partners: For men and women, the Jupiter finger should be much shorter than the Apollo finger – this indicates a ‘super male’ trait. ‘Girly-girls’ always have much longer Jupiter fingers than Apollo fingers. The Mercury finger reveals one’s sexual drive and open-mindedness – so look for widely-positioned Mercury fingers especially adorned with rings on both hands. Unless you’re prepared for a lot of serious soul-searching, try to stay away from those with Heart lines ending on the Saturn mount; as this indicates an over-abundance of moodiness.
By becoming a palm-watcher, one can find happiness and fulfillment in carefully choosing a very special partner for life. If you have further questions or special stories to share, contact me at:




mtrue1@centurylink.net if you wish your Q&A published . . .

Absence of Fingerprints

Question:Dear MTrue ~
I can't see any fingerprints on my fingertips. Do you know anything about this or have you seen this in anyone else's hands? Elsa
Answer:Dear Elsa ~ No, personally I have not seen this in reading my many clients palms - but from what I've read, you possess a rare condition called Adermatoglyphia. Smithsonian has a good article about your condition: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/adermatoglyphia-genetic-disorder-people-born-without-fingerprints-180949338/?no-ist

Question: Dear MTrue ~ I am wondering if my career will finally take hold here in Pakistan or will I have to travel elsewhere for maximum success in life? ~ S.A.
A: Dear S.A. ~ your Life line reveals tremendous effort (tiny upward lines) and several moves/changes of life style in youth and early twenties. At age thirty I see a significant move -- and after then destiny will have many travels in store. So my answer to you is that you are a go-getter and success will take off in Pakistan; but you will be doing much travel for your career throughout your life time. The "trident" ending of your Fate line (white vertical) on Saturn mount reveals philosophical nature with good financial fortune and comfort in your old age. Happy Trails to you!
Note illustration below:

Hand of major use.
Life line is brown colored line; Fate line is white.
Right Palm
Rajah Loop, Family help, Apollo Mount Trident

Question: Dear MTrue ~ I am 31 years of age, male, right handed. Can you please check my right palm to determine if I achieve success in my career? I have nothing good happening in my career financially presently.~ HS
Answer: Dear HS ~ I see you possess a Rajah Loop (white loop dermal located between pointer and middle finger mounts) - which is a sign of royal bearing and superior leadership skills. You also possess an Apollo trident (purple trident marking on Apollo mount) - sign of public recognition for outstanding efforts. An inner Fate line(white vertical lines) reveals soon you will be receiving assistance from a family member - this person will give you the advice, backing and confidence you require for success. Accept their offer graciously!

Modified Simian Configuration
Heart and Head line combined

Question: Dear MTrue ~ I have a deep passion for Palmistry and Numerology. Do you see potential of Spiritual advancement for me in this Life. I am Age 43, female and possess all 'whorl' patterns on fingertips, except little fingers which are peacock whorls.
Answer: Heart line(red) joins with Head line(blue) to form a modified Simian configuration. The bearer of true Simian configuration is either a perfect sinner or saint; as the Simian is known for going to extremes. Your doubled Girdle of Venus(pink lines above Heart line) reveal passion and fervor for people and activities you favor. Centered solid Fate line (white vertical) shows focus and devotion to life purpose. Ring of Jupiter (purple ring on pointer finger mount) reveals knowledge of and empathy for other's unspoken needs. Medical Stigmata (short bright green lines on little finger mount)indicate desire for healing. Triad dermal positioned on Luna mount reveals placing others needs above ones own. Whorl patterns on finger tips reveal masterful qualities; purity and strength of character. You also possess St Joseph's crosses (blue crosses joining Fate with Life line), which reveal one who travels long distances in order to assist others. So yes, I'd say you possess a spiritual hand and also will continue to develop in that direction in the future.

Long Head line
Sydney Line

Question: Is this a modified Simian (combo of Head and Heart lines) or a Sydney Configuration?

Answer:At first I thought this was a Modified Simian -- but there's too much of a Heart line (even thought it's a Heart line with no beginning). The Head line cuts off the Luna Quadrant which is typical of the Sydney line. For those who are just learning about their palms, the Sydney line is a very long Head line. Michael Douglas the famous actor possesses a Sydney line. He had learning difficulties as a child but once he caught up - boy did he excel!!

*So, if any of you have concerns or comments, feel free to contact me.*

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