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lines in right palm
Hand of Major Use

"Woman of Will Power"

Dear Readers ~
Looking this return clients graceful "Water" sensitive hands, I see many changes so lets look at the right hand first and concentrate beginning on area of palm that coincides with clients present age. Most Palmists prefer using the Life line as the time gauge. Halfway down the Life line represents age thirty five. I have labeled age fifty five to 100 in five year increments (black dots) and note the space in between these increments gets smaller as one travels lower down the Life line.
Lets look at right hand of major use which reflects objective nature and outward response toward ones environment and societys rules.
*Life line (brown line begins between thumb and Jupiter finger than travels downward toward palms base. Reveals physical vitality one can expect throughout ones lifetime; moves or changes of life style; and interference from relatives) contains an overlapped gap around age 55. Because the gap overlaps on inside of original Life line, indicates client has been going through a physically draining transition. Life line continuing on inner edge indicates one must be more moderate in some physical activities. Its a time to heal and lick ones wounds. Near age sixty, Life line doubles which signals increased physical vitality and life opportunities. In clients early sixties I see a significant move or change of life style (large brown x); and focused effort resulting in success (higher triangle positioned inside outer section of Life line). There is another smaller move or change of life style (smaller brown x) at about age seventy; accompanied by more focused effort resulting in success (second triangle positioned inside inner Life line). The first triangle refers to business success; and the second triangle refers to success concerning a family matter. Positioning makes all the difference! Multiple square patterns positioned inside Life line low on Venus mount reveal increased survival instincts in clients older years, as life naturally becomes dearer. In clients reading from 2005 (referring to right palms Life line), I noted clients life becomes more purposeful in her early sixties.
*Venus mount contains many more influence lines (yellow horizontal lines) which reveal increased relationships with others outside of family members.
*Head line (blue horizontal line begins above Life line and travels toward palms outer edge. Reveals mental strength and direction, thus ones ability to succeed) appears slightly longer, which can happen with more focused mental energies. This takes a lot of doing, but client has managed. That little fork on ending of Head line reveals loads of common sense and flair for a healthy imagination.
*Heart line (red horizontal line begins at palms outer edge and runs toward Jupiter mount. Reveals ones capacity for loving) has changed somewhat as client now possess more feathery lines arching down and touching Head lines beginning. This is a sign of greater desire for material acquisitions, and feathering ones own nest.
*Affection line (short red horizontal line positioned on outer edge of Mercury mount) is one line now, instead of the two of previous reading. This singular line symbolizes the relationship client is in now which is a long and strong one. This change happens often as palm lines fade or appear with ones changing emotions and shifting mental attitudes.
Medical Stigmata (bright green vertical lines on Mercury mount) appear to have multiplied, which signals increased desire for aiding, healing, and assisting humanity. I see a couple of tiny writers crosses (small green x marks on Mercury mount) signs of literary talent in more than one area of study.
Apollo lines (violet vertical lines running up into Apollo mount) have changed, showing more outside influence than in previous reading. Client possesses greater collaborative skills and the small violet x on Apollo mount represents victory over obstacles. Apollo line is incredibly long and originates from Luna mount to symbolize creative talent, rich imagination, and artistic soul.
*Fate lines (white vertical lines running up toward Saturn mount) appear to have changed positioning which is not surprising over a nine year period. The Fate line is the most mutable of all palm lines, and clients line still reveals a long satisfying career well into her seventies. Im seeing another sign of success, several more lines of public recognition (those white lines that lean toward Jupiter mount).
*Luna mount contains many more fine lines and tiny cross marks, sign of rich intuitive activity and greater self expression.
*Thumb tip exhibits two distinct cross marks on tip segment, area of thumb that represents ego and inner will. Crosses most always represent obstacles one must overcome to reach ones intended potential. They are symbols of the battle scars in life. Clients inner will power and excellent sense of ego are her two strongest gifts in this life.

lines in left palm
Silent Hand

Lets look at left palm: the silent hand which reflects inner dreamy subjective nature.
*Life line is definitely a double, in previous reading clients Mars Sister Lines (orange vertical lines on Venus mount) appeared strong; but now I can see the Life line is actually joined and doubled. In silent hand, a doubled Life line represents double duty tough emotional resistance. Im seeing the same inner lapped configuration as in right palm at about age 55. I see a distinct travel line in clients early sixties which coincides with the move or change of life style in right palm. When right and left palm signs match it shows terrific planning and self knowledge. I do see interference from a close relative when client is near 70 which will be troublesome; but client will be able to mask irritation.
*Venus mount contains multiple squares of self protection which show survival instincts kick into full gear after fifty. Client is less inclined to waste time on undeserving types. A star (I didnt see in previous reading) positioned low on Venus mount symbolizes luck in love.
*Head line hasnt changed, which in this clients case is good because she possesses a deeply cut purposeful configuration.
*Heart line configuration appears about the same as in previous reading except there is a tinge more concern about the behavior of a loved one.
*Affection line is one solid line (instead of the couple I saw in previous reading) that reveals an enduring strong love relationship which contains some emotional detachment or cooling off period in latter years.
*Empathy lines (bright green verticals on Mercury mount positioned same as Medical Stigmata in right palm) reveal enduring love for humanity and weaker, needy beings.
*Apollo lines reveal more activity from palms outer edge, a sign of stronger ability for working with others as well as greater understanding of others unspoken desires and motivations. I am still seeing a trident formation on Apollo mount, sign of celebrity status, public recognition. What I didnt see before is a lovely ring of Apollo which symbolizes clients gifts of inspiring, guiding, or teaching others.
*Fate lines have changed in that Im seeing more lines of public recognition; as well as more gracious, artful living in later years. Maturity lends increased emotional beauty and grace.
*Luna mount contains more crosses (imagination) and lines of mental travel (short horizontal lines running through Luna).
*Pluto mounts (small fleshy mount beneath Luna on both palms. A rather rare site and not a common mount to possess) escaped my notice in previous reading. Pluto symbolizes a connection between living and dead, or strong psychic activity. This can be either a gift or a curse at times. In my opinion it is a gift if you can focus out the interference.
Lets summarize and address clients areas of concern:
1.) Career ~ I see a long career well into your seventies. You have honed wonderful skills working with others. Your right thumb tip reveals strong will power and sense of your own wonderfulness to inspire and win others hearts. I am seeing literary talent I didnt make note of in previous reading, as well as great motivational skills. Teaching is a strong point with you as well as your knowledge of others unspoken thoughts and motivations.
2.) Health ~ You are in a retreat period according to both palms Life lines, but in a couple of years this will change. New vitality and increased opportunity including travel will come into your life. The bulb is far from being burnt out.
3.) Financial security ~ Your Heart line of right palm reveals stronger desire for material acquisition than in previous reading. Your ship will come in just a couple of years. Opportunity for a change involving travel and greater public recognition are written in your palm. You will experience success (triangles positioned on Life line in right palm) in both a business and family matter in the near future.

*If any of you have questions or comments, feel free to contact me.*

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