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Double Heart line, Double Girdle of Venus, Double Life line

double heart line

Dear Readers ~
This month’s palm displays some excitement for this world-weary palm reader – because it is ‘not-the-usual’ palm for several reasons. The owner of this palm wants to know about love, children and career so let’s get started with the Heart lines - the long bright red horizontal lines beginning at palm outer edge and running to palm inner edge. Doubled Heart lines indicate strong emotional passion and caring nature, which is typical of one born under the Cancer the Crab Sun sign.
Adding to this image of immense passion is a double Girdle of Venus (bright pink lines above Heart line) which symbolizes deep love of creativity and beauty -- and doubled girdles are most often observed in palms of gifted artists or highly creative individuals.
The Head line (horizontal navy blue line beneath Heart line) happens to be singular , deeply-etched, and above average in length which reveals sound mentality and good flow of mental energies. These good Head line qualities indicate success is within this individual’s reach.
Moving down the palm note the Life line (dark brown lines surrounding Venus mount) is really complicated: it is double until his late 20s; then triples from his late 20s to his late 30s; becomes single from his late 30s until his mid-50s; then doubles for his remaining life cycle. I see a positive and successful event at the age of 45 (note small upward branch on Life line outer edge more than halfway down the Life line. I see changes of life style/moves when he is in his mid and late fifties (brown x marks positioned low on outer edge of Life line. Travel lines -multiple fine brown vertical lines on base of Life line - reveal this individual loves travel and adventure.
Multiple Mars Sister lines – bright orange verticals inside Life line – indicate physical stamina well into this individual’s golden years.

Apollo line
Apollo lines strengthen later in life

In summary, this individuals’ Heart line reveals his emotional make-up and ability to give and receive love. His upper Heart line reveals desire for a mate of equal or better status as his own; and the lower Heart line that branches to his Head line reveals willingness to spend long hours obtaining wealth.
His double Girdle of Venus symbolizes the love and passion he is quite willing to put into his life career.
Three child lines – tiny orange verticals attached to Mercury crease (where little finger joins palm) reveal three important children in his life. And the red x mark on his pointer finger mount reveals his potential for one successful marriage.
His Apollo lines (violet verticals running toward ring finger) begin to show real potential after age thirty-five and even more so after age 50. His Apollo line is not a straight line – it comes from the outer edge of his palm and indicates after age 35 he will receive great assistance from an outsider or partner of the opposite sex. The small trident mark positioned on his Apollo mount reveals he will be recognized and rewarded especially after age fifty.
From a physical standpoint his chances for success are excellent because of the stamina (double life lines and Mars lines)indicated throughout his life span. Yes, I see emotional strength, physical strength, and love of children (humped first wrist rascette) – and that his ship will finally come in later on in life because of his great passion, patience and tenacity.


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