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Hand of Major Use

“The Artful Heart”

Dear Readers ~
Let’s begin by looking at shape and characteristics of this palm: Long fingers and long finely-etched shell- pink palms reveal the “Water Sensitive” category. Soulful, thoughtful and highly intuitive best describe Water types. This palm is slightly wide which shows a more physical nature than most Water types. Ruddiness of the fingers displays one who works with one’s hands for a living. Long Mercury fingers reveal excellent communication skills. Ample length of thumbs reveals good sense of ego - also balance of logic with emotion. This client is a strong woman who doesn’t bow down to the whims of others – note the somewhat ‘male configuration’ of Jupiter to Apollo finger length. The typical female has much longer Jupiter finger length compared to Apollo finger length (when looking at palm side of hand). This client is left-handed so her left palm shows what she has done in life as well as her future tendencies and directions.
Let’s look at left palm lines and markings: hand of major use so this palm reveals objective nature and outward response toward one’s environment and society’s rules.
*Life line (brown line begins between thumb and Jupiter mount and travels around Venus mount into palm base. Reveals physical vitality one may expect throughout one’s life time. Also indicates moves/changes of life style and interference from relatives and friends) begins high in palm which shows natural ambition from early age. Small brown cross marks (x’s) positioned on Life line outer edge reveal moves/changes of life style in early age and again in mid to late teens. A large a brown cross positioned inside Life line on Lower Mars mount reveals client sets some very high standards for herself. Note Life line splits in late teens to early twenties – so the line doubles – which indicates increased desire to really live it up at that stage. An inner ‘island’ reveals physical stress up till late twenties. Life line also becomes assisted by Fate line (white vertical lines) when you client is in late twenties – this shows better physical stamina. Life line remains doubled until mid-forties. I see interference from a close relative (brown cross inside Life line) near age thirty-five; and a move/change of life style just after age thirty-six. In early forties I see an expansion of life opportunities -- as Life line deepens and expands to the Fate line inner edge. A wider Life line always indicates more bounty in life! I see a potential health crisis (brown x embedded in Life line) in client’s early sixties. Remainder of Life line is smooth, unbroken and classically complete.
*Head line (dark blue somewhat horizontal line begins between thumb and Jupiter mount and travels toward palm outer edge. Reveals mental strength and direction – thus one’s ability to succeed) begins unattached from the Life line beginning – sign of a leader and go-getter from early age. Shy isn’t in this client’s vocabulary. An ‘island’ attached to outer edge of Head line shows two opposing forces overcome by client’s inner will – sign of success during late teens to age twenty. Head line doubles afterwards which shows a surge of mental energies during mid-twenties. Mid-thirties brings a time of headaches and confusion (note ‘island’ embedded in center of Head line). I see bumpiness to Head line shape -- which shows argumentative tendencies. Head line is quite longer than norm which shows strong intellect. A large showy fork adorns Head line ending – “the writer’s fork” – which shows literary talent and blend of common sense with wonderful creative gifts.

Hand of Major Use

*Heart line (long red horizontal line begins at palm outer edge and travels toward Jupiter mount -reveals one’s capacity for loving). This configuration is complicated as the line begins single but ends up double. This reveals increased capacity for loving, as client grows older – but also reveals greater capacity for being hurt by the ones she loves. I can’t tell you readers how many times I have seen similar Heart line configurations in Leo Sun clients! The Leos seem to be more passionate and sensitive in matters of love and romance – they put themselves out there and tend to get hurt so many times. The doubling of Heart line really manifests at age fifty. This client must have loyalty (upper Heart line that reaches in between Jupiter and Saturn mounts). She is willing to spend long hours making money in order to make a happy home – note downward branch from lower Heart line ending. Client will make wise choice of marriage partner - note ‘triple fork’ on lower Heart line ending. I see one happy marriage cross on Jupiter mount (red x) which shows potential for one happy marriage.
*Affection lines (short red horizontal lines placed at palm outer edge of Mercury mount) reveal three pivotal love relationships in client’s life time. The first relationship is represented by the lowest line – it indicates a love relationship that lasted a few years but ended before age thirty-five (actually in twenties). Half-way up the outer edge of the Mercury mount indicates age thirty-five – so the other two love relationships take place after age thirty-five. The third love relationship is a longer line that ends with a ‘fork’ - means the third is client’s longest most passionate love relationship but it ends in a fork meaning lovers go separate ways.
*Fate lines (long white vertical lines begin at palm base and travel up toward Saturn mount. Reveals dedication to life path; plus one’s satisfaction or dissatisfaction with social and financial standing in life) begin mainly from Luna mount which reveals client is driven by creative roots and need for freedom of artistic expression. I see conventional or family issues blended with creative flavor until age thirty-five. After then client is all about career and working with outsiders. I see a long and fulfilling career well into clients seventies (note Fate line reaches well above Heart lines). The small white cross on Saturn mount reveals success despite an obstacle. There is also a bit of a ring of Saturn – which lends a tinge of the maudlin or otherworldliness to client’s character and self-expression.
*Apollo lines (violet verticals running up into Apollo mount. Reveal love of beauty, music and the arts) mainly begin after age 36-38 (above Head line juncture). Client has so many interests she tends to run herself ragged. A large complicated ‘star’ pattern on lower Apollo mount reveals brilliant success and recognition despite many distractions.
*Anxiety lines (yellow lines running throughout palm surface from Venus mount toward palm outer edge) are multiple – and because client possesses so many that run through Apollo star toward Mercury mount, this formation reveals client is a natural healer.
*Luna mount is perfectly defined with a strong upper line of intuition. I also see a Via Lascivia (violet horizontal line connects Venus with Luna mount) which reveals the gift of turning dreams into reality.

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