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"Anxiety In The Palm And Dealing With It"

stress marks in the palm
Bars, Dots, Islands, Fraying of palm lines

Dear Readers ~
When you are going through traumatic times, you will develop palm lines and markings that reflect emotional or mental imbalances. Many of these signs won’t last long because they fade when your life situations change for the better. However, during uncomfortable or cringe-worthy times your will palm reflect mental and emotional trauma rather quickly – and this is because the palm contains more nerve endings connected with the brain than any other body part. So it’s reasonable to say you can look at your palm to see the window of your mental, emotional, and physical health:
1.Extremely dry palms show you need to take better care of your physical well-being. You need to drink lots of water, avoid alcohol, and learn deep breathing exercises. Use hand cream and massage the mounts of your palms as well as your fingers.This simple exercise involves Acupressure and is both calming and energizing.
2.Lots of horizontal lines and crisscross lines at palm’s mid-percussion edge show problems with authority figures or higher-ups. You need to accept the fact that there will sometimes be people you are forced to deal with and that you want to send certain offenders to distant planets. These situations are often temporary and can be remedied by a change of social circles, moving away, or finding a different job. Something will need to change for the sake of your health when crisscross lines show up on the mid-percussion in your palm because these lines reveal stress-induced digestive and nerve imbalances.
3.Bars marks on your Head line or Life line – these short somewhat horizontal lines found intersecting the main palm lines reveal significant blocks to flow of mental or physical energies. On the Head line a bar mark and can mean possible injury to the head, face or neck. On the Life line a bar means you need to be better aware of your surroundings to avoid a time of possible physical harm. The bar mark portrays a halt or obstacle to your line’s normal flow of energy and is a sign that you should not ignore.
4.Islands on the Life, Head, Heart or Fate line indicate division of energies in respect to each line. On the Head line an island means divided mental energies and that it is time for you to slow down and re-think your life direction. Your mental and intuitive powers will be not as dependable during the island stage. On the Heart line an island can reveal loss of a loved one, a relationship gone bad or actual physical heart issue. On the Life line an island can indicate you will have an illness or will experience family loss. On the Fate line an island reveals a time of business/money/career loss. You are not in full focus during the island stage, so it’s best to retreat and calmly re-think your life direction.

negative marks in the palm
Bars, Dots, Islands, Fraying of palm lines

5.Break in the Life line - if your Life line breaks and then continues on the inside of original Life line – this configuration reveals a time you must retreat to lick your wounds. You need to be kinder to yourself and less demanding of your physical energies at this stage.
6.Dark dots on Life, Head or Heart lines reveal shock on any of these three major lines. A dot may indicate shock or trauma to one's physical health, nervous system, mental processes, emotional health or even a heart condition – so a dark dot is never a good sign on any main palm line. It is a good idea to visit a medical doctor when you see a deep red or black dot on main palm lines.
7.Soft,shredding, or peeling nails reveal large quantities of stress and feels of being overwhelmed. Your nails are quick to reflect any emotional pain, fear, or loathing you may be experiencing. If you have been angry about something for a while, your nails will get soft – and they will either peel, shred or wear down quickly. When you are finally feeling better about your life, your nails’ hardness and strength will return within weeks.
8.Frayed Health line reveals you are experiencing digestive and nervous maladies due to stressful situations at present. Frayed lines show you are making yourself physically sick with worry. One solid Health line is most desirable and once things calm down in your life, your Health line will also return to a smoother configuration.
So if you are going through some difficult times now, please be kind to your physical needs and try to remember how quickly life can change. Don’t skip your visits to your doctor. Recognize that tomorrow can turn out to be the best day of your life so far. You must strive for positive thinking so you can move forward and find your true intended life path. Experience has taught me one main thing – and that is as long as I breathe, I will continue to be challenged and tested. Because of this, I genuinely appreciate those exquisite occasions when miracles do happen in my life. So friend ~ do your best to relax, stop thinking about a myriad of gut-wrenching future scenarios, and just breathe – slowly and deeply - and you will be able to find yourself smiling again.


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