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Right Palm Lines
Hand of Major Use

“Unconventional Career”

Dear Readers ~
Let’s focus on career matters by looking at Fate line (white verticals); Life line (brown lines surrounding Venus mount); and Apollo line (violet verticals running up into Apollo mount). I see an additional Fate line that represents a career started in mid-twenties, and ending at approximately age 30. After age thirty-five (age 35 is indicated in the palm where Fate line intersects Head line) I see involvement with outsiders or possible partners concerning career advancement. This outward line configuration indicates assistance from the opposite sex. Fragmented sections of Fate line show difficulties adjusting to so many changes. A partnership at age forty appears to be a creative collaboration (violet Apollo line is joined with Fate line, just beneath Heart line). After age 55, I see two successful careers (note Fate line forks above Heart line which is after early 50’s) - one career concerns artistry (‘x’ with long tail that leans near Apollo mount) -- and this one is quite successful despite an obstacle. The other career is also successful and concerns occult matters or esoterica (note “x” with tail and a small triangle attached to Saturn crease where middle finger joins palm). This second career places this client in the public eye and involves a great deal of study on her part. Apollo lines appear intense, especially once they pass through Heart line (that indicates after age 55). All those extra lines reveal many interests – but one activity brings the most success and personal pleasure – indicated by Triangle mark with long tail attached to Apollo crease. To back up the extra Apollo energy, take a look at that Luna mount – all the myriad of markings reveal this client is utilizing intuitive gifts and actively honing creative talent quite well.

Double Teacher's squares
Right palm lines

Looking at Life line, I see interest in traveling in order to assist others (indicated by blue cross positioned on Life line outer edge about halfway down line) at age thirty-five. That blue cross is the St Joseph’s cross, often found in palms of missionaries, paramedics, and those who travel in order to assist others. It is an unselfish and blessed marking to possess – and reveals desire for usefulness and worthiness in this world. At about age 37 I see a rather long triangle formation attached to outer edge of Life line – and this reveals success despite two opposing forces when client is 37 through 42. Double teacher’s squares (outlined in white on Jupiter mount) are the hallmark of a master teacher.
The client poses this question on career: “I have just started my ‘conventional career’. However, I have a feeling that I will eventually go into a creative career, potentially high profile. I have absolutely no basis or experience yet just a strong intuition! How will the next few years in my conventional career go and when should I expect to transition? Will it be seamless or will it require me to risk everything to pursue?”
~ My Answer ~ Seamless sure sounds nice but that’s not the reality of life. I do see you receiving lots of attention and beneficial assistance for a teaching career when you are around age 35. You will go through many changes, some frustrating, according to Fate lines. You will receive the public’s admiration/attention concerning a career in esoterica. This accomplishment will come about around age 55 because of your strong desire/ thirst for knowledge and your excellent intuitive gifts.
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