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*Your Marvelous Hands and Treating the Body through Acupressure


* If there is a small fork on the Heart line at the end near the thumb side and under the pointer finger, this indicates a person who can have a very happy marriage and who is tolerant and loyal.

*A larger fork on the Heart line that ends under the middle finger indicates potential to be moody.

* If one of the Heart line forks points downward or touches the Head line, this indicates a person who spends their energies on obtaining wealth.

* A triple fork on the Heart line under the pointer finger indicates a person who will have very good luck and fortune in marriage.

*A fork on the Heart line near the outer (ulnar) edge of the palm can indicate either disappointment or great happiness in love, depending upon if the accessory branch drops down -- or lifts up -- off of the Heart line.

*A double Headline intensifies mental powers.

*A star on the end of a Headline, especially if the headline slants downward, indicates an unusual imagination, almost to the edge of madness.......


*The finger is divided into segments called phalanges; the tip is the 1st phalange,the middle is the 2nd phalange, and the bottom is the third phalange.

*Palmists believe when one possesses a wide third phalange (bottom section) on the index finger, this indicates they love to cook . . . but they don't like to clean up!

*One who possesses an index finger longer than their ring finger by a 1/2 inch or more, has aptitude for science, law, or acting.

*Palmists believe one who possesses an index finger shorter than the ring finger by a 1/2 inch or more, tends to be flexible, compliant, and people-oriented.

*Palmists believe when the middle phalange of the middle finger is longest, the client has aptitude for psychiatry, psychology, counseling, and antique restoration.

*Those who possess long ring fingers have aptitude to be craftsmen or specialists in almost any creative area.

*Those who possess a long tip of the ring finger have aptitude for teaching children, social work, and commercial art.

*Those who possess a long middle phalange of the ring finger have aptitude for nursing, therapy, and psychology.

*Those who possess a long 3rd phalange (bottom section) of the ring finger have aptitude for hairstyling, cosmetology, fiction writing, and diplomacy.

*The person who possesses a long 1st phalange (tip) of their little finger has aptitude for sales, song-writing, art photography, and teaching.

*Those who possess a long 3rd phalange (bottom) of the little finger, have aptitude for fashion design, fiction writing, and criminal investigation.


*The "star" is fortunate under the Jupiter finger (pointer finger), as it indicates an adventurous pioneer,and gifted visionary.

*The "star" under the Saturn finger (middle finger), is unfortunate, as it indicates great disaster, or financial loss.

*The "star" under the Apollo (ring finger), is fortunate as it indicates a brilliant performer in the arts.

*The "cross" marking under the Mercury finger (little finger), is the mark of a writer.

*The "square" marking on the Jupiter mount is the sign of an excellent teacher.

*A double "square" marking on the Jupiter mount is indicative of a master teacher.

*The "triangle" marking on the Venus mount indicates one who is discreet in love and romance. The bearer of this marking tends to have discriminating taste in choosing romantic partners.






Aries is a Fire sign ruling the head and symbolized by the Ram – a head-strong creature with quick, energetic response. Naturally, if you’re born under this sun sign you are action-oriented and exuberant, and can add a touch of springtime in all you endeavor.  Positive as well as negative aspects of the Aries sun sign are reflected in the palm by special signs and markings which correlate astrologically.

Starting with the palm’s shape, a Fire sign is mainly represented by shorter fingers with longer palms – as shorter fingers reveal quick reaction. Finger nails should be a spatulate or flared – a sign of high energy. The thumb should be positioned at least two inches away from the palm because wider spacing indicates openness and readiness.

The Venus mount should be prominent, which reveals strong physical health; and the Life line should be deeply cut and solid – a sign of vitality.

The Head line should indicate independence, beginning totally unconnected from the Life line.  Look for an unbroken long Head line, the hallmark of strong mentality.

The Heart line most likely will appear as a thick ‘feather’ indicating a vivacious flirts with many relationships.

Aries loves to initiate action, so another positive aspect of this sun sign reflected in the palm is a ‘trident’ rising from the Head line and resting on the mount of Jupiter – the sign of a true pioneer.

The negative aspect of Aries happens to be impulsiveness, and can be revealed in the palm by the following signs:

Presence of a broken girdle of Venus - portrays undisciplined passion.

Overly wide spacing between Head and Heart lines - hallmark of impulsiveness.

A Heart line that appears ‘chained’ - reveals a fickle character.

Short nails set high in the fingertips - sign of immaturity and poor decision-making. Instant gratification, another Aries bug-a-boo is indicated by a short pointer finger, and a very short ring finger and little finger.



Taurus is an Earth sign ruling the neck and symbolized by the Bull – a powerful figure of staying power. If you are born under this sun sign you most likely love beauty, music, material possessions and acquisition of financial security. Typical Taureans operate on contained energy, spending a great deal of time in decision-making. Naturally this sign is synonymous with stability and intensity of feelings.

A dyed-in-the-wool Taurus has wider palms indicating physical vitality, and longer fingers indicating deep thought before action.

Finger nails may either be square indicating dependability; or conic indicating love of art and beauty.

The thumb should be square with an ample tip, positioned @ two inches from the palm - which shows strong emotion.

Positive palmar aspects will include a well-rounded Venus mount and full unbroken girdle of Venus – which indicate a lusty but controlled appetite for love. The Luna mount will also be well-rounded because most Taureans are artistically and musically-inclined.

The deep Life line should curl fully around the mount of Venus which reflects Taurean love of home, comfort, food and sex.

A deep Head line beginning attached to the Life line with tiny inter-connecting lines, may end under the ring finger in an upward curl – which reveals a knack for money-making.

The unchained Heart line should end between the index and middle finger - a sign of Taurean possessiveness combined with devotion.

Taurean dependability and determination are reflected in a strong unbroken line of Fate; and artistic talent by presence of a strong line of Apollo.

Business acumen is portrayed by a long Mercury finger with a long Mercury line ending on the mount of Apollo.

There may be a strong ‘financial anxiety line’, stretching to the Mercury mount.

The negative aspects of Taurus happen to be obstinacy and over-indulgence, which can be reflected in the palm by these following signs:

Double broken girdle of Venus; and a chained or lightly feathered Heart line – reveals passion out of control or heart-breaker.

Presence of a Via Lascivia and Head line slanting severely onto the Luna mount – may indicate over-indulgence in drink, lust, drugs and fantasy.



Gemini an Air sign ruling the hands, arms, lungs and nervous system is symbolized by Twins. If you happen to be born under this sun sign you have a positive intellectual way of verbalizing thoughts as well as look and behave more youthful than your peers throughout your lifetime. A true Gemini, like a butterfly’s wings always has two sides - surprising others with unanticipated actions or refurbished opinions. Communication is a must with Gem; and if you stop talking, Gemini disappears to greener pastures in search of newer more stimulating social circles.

Awareness, versatility and being forever young - all Gemini traits- are revealed by shorter spatulate palms with longer out-stretched fingers and thumb.

The Mercury finger and tip should be especially long as it represents a silver tongue, as well as humor and sexuality. Some Gems are easily attracted to both sexes and sport pinkie rings on both fingers.

 Palms should be relatively free of anxiety lines, except for ‘influence lines’ inside the Venus mount - a sign of many friendships.  The Luna mount should be pronounced as it represents one’s capacity for dreams, creativity and mental travel.

The Life, Head, and Heart lines will appear as light, or air-like – and there may also be a long double Head line which means intensified mentality.

The Head line may also divide under the Saturn finger portraying ability to understand both sides of issues or dual personality.

The Heart line should be lightly feathered revealing many friendships due to Gemini duplicity and flights of freedom.

A long Fate line, ending on or near the Jupiter mount reveals magnificent talent for public speaking – one of Gemini’s fortes.

The negative aspect of this sun sign is superficiality, observed in the palm by the following markings:

Bent or short Mercury finger – if the tip is obviously bent inward this signifies inclination to fib. A shorter finger reveals negative energy is put into communicative abilities.

Short Heart line with no ending –one who falls in love often and can be quite lusty -but never ever commits.



This Water sign – warm, caring and sensitive – rules the breasts and stomach and is symbolized by the Crab. The crab is a self-contained creature living in its protective shell; so Cancer’s positive aspect happens to be protection. If you are born under this sun sign, you most likely love home, domesticity, and family. Cancers mother their friends and family members because they deeply care.

The true Cancer will possess long palms with long fingers and thumbs, held rather protectively together. Finger nails should be conic or pointed; conic indicating creative nature, and pointed a psychic secretive nature.

The Venus mount may be lined with multiple Mars Sister Lines, an indication of strength and compassion. The Luna mount should be peppered with lines of mental travel, and an intuition line.

The Life, Head and Heart lines will all be watery in appearance and finely etched into a soft palm.

The Life line and Head line should initially be connected by many small vertical lines.

The Heart line should be long and fully curved which reveals greater capacity for loving.

The wrists should be adorned with at least one humped wrist rascette, revealing love for children.

Multiple ‘empathy lines’ should embed the mount of Mercury – a sign of caring or assisting those in need.

A square mark on the Jupiter mount signifies a caring, nurturing type who loves to teach or show others the way. This Cancer will probably position the pointer finger slightly away from the middle finger.

Also, because Cancer deeply loves home life, it’s a good bet you’ll see a line of divided anxiety running from inside the Venus mount up to the Saturn mount.

The negative aspects of Cancer are high anxiety and covetousness, which can be reflected in the palm by the following markings:

A much frazzled Health line signifies nerves constantly on edge; this Cancer must learn to meditate, pamper or take better care of health.

The Luna mount may contain a grille mark which implies one doesn’t use energy wisely – increasing stress and anxiety levels.

As for the green-eyed monster, beware of the Cancer with a deep, long, highly set Heart line.



Leo a Fire sign ruling the heart is symbolized by the Lion – brave, courageous and proud. If you are born under this sun sign, self-realization and knowledge you have the power to rule comes naturally. The true Leo reacts with chutzpah, courage, and extroverted grandiose gestures in personal, social and professional situations.

Shorter fingers than palms indicate Leo makes quick decisions – a Fire sign attribute; and a wider palm indicates the socially and physically-oriented extrovert.

Conic finger tips and nails belong to the artistic Leo; pointed tips and nails reveal one secretive and possibly sneaky; and square tips and nails represent the organizer or boss of all bosses.

Delightfully extroverted, the Leo hold fingers and thumbs widely-spaced to reveal an open-minded attitude.

Positive palm aspects should include a plush, rosy-colored Venus mount --- sign of a lusty, vigorous Leo; or a long-ish Luna mount the sign of an artistic Leo.

Leos have extraordinary ways of expressing themselves, reflected in the palm by an independent-type Head line beginning totally separated from the Life line; as well as a long, deep gently-curved Heart line.

Presence of a double Heart line intensifies capacity for love and is a configuration revealing one easily hurt in love.  Fact: Leo can be intensely hurt in romance through issues of pride and/or reputation.

Look for wider spacing between the Head line and Heart line -- an indication of the extrovert.

A trident marking on the Jupiter mount signals the hallmark of a born leader.

A strong uncrossed line of Apollo is often found in the palms of successful entertainers, artists and musicians; and a trident marking on the Apollo mount signifies the true celebrity.

Leo happens to be the most intensely self-aware sign of the zodiac; but along with this persona comes false pride and subsequent imperiousness attitude. Negative aspects reflected in the palm are:

A grille marking on the Jupiter mount reveals egotism and a domineering individual.

An island mark on the Apollo mount indicates loss of reputation and one who needs to pay better attention to self- image.

An island marking on the Apollo line indicates the Leo who must constantly be aware of the effect their actions cause, or suffer the consequences!



Virgo an Earth sign ruling the pancreas, intestines and digestive organs is symbolized by the Virgin – a chaste, modest discriminating figure. If you happen to be born under this sun sign, you have a penchant for helping, training or teaching others. Analyzing and finding solutions to problems come naturally, and you are considered a worker of the world as well as the ‘file clerk of the zodiac’.

Earthy Virgo should have long capable, knotty fingers which reveal a philosopher and thinker. Palms may be longer than wide, indicating a more introspective modest personality.

Finger tips and nails may be square revealing dependability; spatulate revealing a tireless giver; or conic revealing desire for perfect beauty.

Fingers and thumbs will be held in a rather protective stance with thumb stretched no more than @ two inches from the palm – a sign of moderation and even temperament.

The Venus and Luna mounts probably will not be as pronounced as the Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, and Mercury mounts – which indicates a more intellectual than physical approach to dealing with life’s situations.

The Head line should end in the ‘common sense combined with creativity’ configuration – a long straight line across the palm with a small fork on the end.

The Head and Heart line will most likely be positioned with little space between, indicating modesty and introversion.

A square marking should be located on the Jupiter mount – the sign of a memorable teacher; or a double square marking on the Jupiter mount – sign of a master teacher.

The Fate line should be long and unbroken, a sign of knowledge of one’s purpose in life.

Empathy lines, otherwise called medical stigmata will be observed on the Mercury mount – revealing Virgo’s need to assist and/or heal.

Virgo can have a negative side. Sometimes harsh criticism, fussiness or prudishness enters the picture; and signs you’d rather not see in a Virgo’s palm are:

Very short nails reveal an overly-critical attitude.

A large thumb chain: sign of an obstinate character.

A long straight Head line stretching all the way to the outer edge of the palm reveals extreme intelligence -- but a fussy, argumentative ‘that’s final’ personality. Even though this type is almost always right, they are difficult to work with and seem to delight in finding other’s mistakes and deepest failings.



Libra an Air sign ruling the endocrine system and kidneys is symbolized by the Scales. If you are born under this sun sign you naturally desire balancing situations with formal partnerships, as well as seeking justice or equalizing situations. A true Libra believes in teamwork, convention, harmony as well as peace of mind. Librans love to do things ‘by the book’ while practicing diplomacy.

Librans may possess longer fingers and shorter palms - the ‘Air’ configuration -signifying ability to make precise, fair decisions.

Finger tips and nails may be spatulate, signaling a tireless social giver; square, revealing convention and dependability or conic revealing love of art and beauty.

A long Mercury finger signals aptitude for conveying ideas.

Thumb segments should be equal in length which indicates even balance of emotion with logic.

Most Librans will position fingers receptively outstretched with slightly curled thumb tips. The second thumb segments may appear to have a waist – another sign of tact and delicacy of expression.

The Mercury and Luna mounts may be most prominent, showing communication and artistry.

Life, Head and Heart lines should be unbroken and moderately etched into the palm. The Head line should stretch straight across the palm at least to the third finger, and end in a small fork which reveals common sense combined with imagination.

Because Libra loves partnerships, the Fate line may sprout a small branch to the Apollo mount. There should be an Apollo line - sign of a penchant for beauty and artistic sensitivity.

A triangle marking may appear on the Mercury mount – another hint of diplomacy.

Libra’s negative side is opportunism -- fooling themselves as well as others – and signs you don’t want to see in a Libra’s palm are:

An island or a grille marking on the Mercury mount – signs of dishonesty with self and others.

A Fate line ending at the Head line – emotion overwhelms reason.

Tiny intersecting lines on Head line – inability for decision-making or emotional conflict.

A very bent little finger – silver-tongued devil and possible con artist!



Scorpio, a Water sign ruling the organs of sex and elimination is symbolized by the Scorpion as well as the Eagle. If you are born under this sign, you believe in getting to the heart of the matter – not wasting precious time on the petty stuff and nonsense of life. A true Scorpio is the ‘silver bullet’ in any business organization – after all, Scorpio is a money sign. Scorpion men and women are known for their sexual magnetism and hypnotic powers. Palmar indications of this ability are long-ish, tapered fingers, and narrow-ish palms – revealing a Scorpion’s psychic, secretive nature. Likewise, most of the fingers and thumbs may be held in a more closed, private position.

The Luna mount should be well-developed or long-ish, and pink or reddish in coloring revealing rich imagination and creative drive.

The Venus mount will be well-developed in the earthier lust-obsessed type of Scorpion.

Obsession – another key to Scorpio’s nature, is observed in a Life line with many tiny upward branches; a long Head line diving into the Luna mount, and a deeply-curved, long Heart line accompanied by a double or triple girdle of Venus.

Scorpio’s positive aspect is renewal or being open to the new -- actively eliminating the old, unused things in life. An open mind is reflected by the Mercury finger being positioned away from the Apollo finger.

The long deep Head line should contain no breaks or tiny bar markings – revealing strong powers of concentration.

The Fate line should contain many upward ambition lines and no gaps or ‘island marks’.

The ‘magic M” formation may be observed – a configuration formed by the Life, Head, Heart and Fate lines – indicating natural money-making prowess.

Because Scorpio is quite taken with the hidden side of life, a triangle marking may be observed on Saturn mount; and  Luna mount should be peppered with many fine lines, “x” marks and island marks – all signs of psychic ability. 

Scorpio’s negative nature is coldness, ruthlessness and selfishness – which can be seen in the following palmar lines and markings:

A  Heart line that ends before reaching the middle finger –reveals an overly sensual character and one who cares little for what others feel.

Short distance between Head and Heart lines – indicates one overly concerned with self.

Grille marking on the Jupiter mount – an egotist whose exaggerated pride reigns above other’s feelings.



Sagittarius, a Fire sign ruling the thighs is symbolized by the Archer -- always seeking for new directions to shoot his arrows. If you happen to be born under this sun sign, you are both a teacher and preacher of self-knowledge and change. The true Sagittarius is exuberant in their quest for truth; and maintains a reputation of high-mindedness. Some Saggies come off as over-optimistic and high-strung – tending to fly by the seat of their pants, gaining little from experiences.

Palmar qualities of the true Saggie are observed in longer palms with shorter fingers – traits revealing quick reaction and creative drive.

Knotty philosopher’s fingers are typical of Sag; as well as widely-spaced thumbs and fingers revealing open-mindedness. The thumb may be very low-set, revealing an outrageous or eccentric personality. The bottom width of the palm will be narrower than width across the fingers.

Nails may be spatulate, revealing tireless energy and enthusiasm; or conic, revealing creative talent.

Palms may be yellow-ish in coloring, revealing a studious nature.

Because Saggie loves running, walking, horseback riding and sports, the Life line will be long and deeply etched – sign of vitality. Love of traveling will be indicated by a Life line ending closer to the Luna mount instead of curving around the Venus mount.

The Head line will be long, curving downward and ending in a small fork – sign of one who creates reality out of fantasy and possesses literary talent.

There may be presence of a Jupiter line for ambition; and Apollo line for creativity.

The Jupiter mount may contain a square marking or possibly a double square – sign of a master teacher.

Empathy lines should grace the Mercury mount to reveal one who loves to assist, teach or guide.

The negative side of Sag - hypocrisy and being unrealistic about finances is seen in these palmar markings:

Very hollow palm or curled thumb tip – means trouble holding onto money.

Circle marking on Mercury mount – sign of one who needs to be more honest with self.

Cross marking on Saturn mount – means losing things while traveling or being accident-prone – twisted ankles and sprains particularly with a Sag.



Capricorn, an Earth sign ruling the knees and backbone is symbolized by the Goat – a tenacious creature. If you are born under this sign you understand the meaning of hard work and patience. You also are determined to be the very best in the profession you set your mind to develop.  The true Capricorn takes full responsibility for personal choices and insists on orderliness and promptness.  Positive aspects of this sign are Capricorn ability to make other’s dreams concrete; and to endure long hard hours of labor required to reach lofty goals. Capricorn palms should be square shaped with long square-tipped fingers revealing persistence and control. Nails may be square or conic, and thumbs should be held at a moderate 2’ angle from the palm. The Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury mounts should all be rather prominent revealing strength; ambition; concrete planning; and business acumen. All palmar lines may be deeply cut and the presence of a strong ‘business ambition line’ will likely run across the palm.  A modified Mercury line starting from the lower palms outer edge and running up to the Apollo mount signals professionalism in business dealings. The Mercury and Jupiter mounts may be graced with a ‘star mark’ which foretells of business achievement; and obtaining a high position.  The Heart line may end midway on the Jupiter mount – revealing status and great pride in choosing a life mate.

Negative aspects of the goat are pessimism, coldness, rigidity, and superior or patronizing attitude. It’s not beneath Cappie to be obsequious with those he considers his superiors. A sign of emotional coldness is a Heart line joined in the middle with the Head line – meaning the head rules the heart.  You don’t want to see a wavy Fate line - indicates disorder and poor planning; or ‘islands’ on the Fate line – means business as well as loss of reputation. Lastly, an inwardly bent Mercury finger may signal insincerity or willingness to over exaggerate and grovel.



Aquarius an Air sign ruling the ankles, circulatory system and aura is symbolized by the Water Bearer - a suggestion of waves, fluidity, and the invisible forces of nature. If you are born under this sun sign you are generous almost to a fault. You tend to embrace liberal, universal views – accepting and inspiring all of humanity. Other’s conservatism and stall tactics are annoying, propelling some Aquarians to rebel with displays of outrageous or eccentric reactions.  Positive aspects of the Aquarian mind are reflected in the palm by long palms, long fingers with extra long tips – indication of higher sensitivity and knowledge of higher self. The fingers will be widely-spread as should the thumb which should be low-set – reflecting open-mindedness, generosity, intelligence, courage and versatility. The Mercury finger should at least reach to the top of the middle ring finger segment. Finger nails will likely be wedge-shaped revealing sensitivity and love of acquiring knowledge – or filbert-shaped revealing an open-minded one who presents ideas as ‘gifts to others’.  The palm lines and markings should be numerous revealing an active mind; and a papillary loop dermal on the Luna mount portrays a gift for inspiring. The upper palm mounts will likely be more pronounced than the lower mounts revealing higher-mindedness and lack of concern over basic matters.  The Fate line will contain many tiny upward branches revealing many positive endeavors. There will be pronounced, multiple ‘empathy lines’ gracing the Mercury mount and a double ‘ring of Jupiter’ – showing empathy for humanity and knowledge of humanity’s desires.  Sexy Aquarians will possess an ‘island mark’ on their Venus mount which shows ability to divide time for multiple lovers. Also there may be very little difference between the lines in left and right palms because a true Aquarian is intensely in tune with his inner self, intent on fulfilling life’s purpose.

Negative aspects are aimlessness and ineffectuality – in the case of an Aquarian unevolved, out-of touch and lacking social consciousness.  A very short Jupiter, Apollo and Mercury finger signal a selfish sort unconcerned with other’s welfare. Little chains in the Head line show lack of concentration, hence an overall lack of direction. A grille mark on the Mercury mount signals aimlessness; and a very short Head line portrays a reckless, compulsive, dangerous Aquarian.



Pisces is a Water sign ruling the feet and is symbolized by The Fishes swimming in opposite directions which suggests duality.  If you are born under this sun sign you have deep faith in the mysteries of life. Like Yin-Yang your contradictory thoughts and outward responses often compliment each other. Pisces can either be a highly imaginative creative illusionist such as a successful actor; or a miserable disillusioned escapist skid-row addict. What is real in the Piscean mind most often doesn’t exist in his outside environment – which often results in extraordinary artistic   or entertainment ability. Positive aspects seen in the Piscean hand are long thin fingers, slender thumbs with long tips and narrow-ish palms.  The Apollo and Mercury fingers should be especially long. Finger nails very likely will be filbert or almond-shaped reflecting respectively dreamy visions and fascination with the mystical.  The palm lines should appear as watery; palm texture should be lightly lined and soft to the touch revealing delicate refinement. The Luna and Pluto mounts should be very well-developed revealing intuitive, dreamy sub-conscious nature. A via lascivia’ usually is present – the line showing ability to make reality out of one’s fantasy and dreams. The Apollo mount may be graced with a ‘grille marking’ revealing an entertainer and attention-getter. A long straight line of Apollo attached to a ‘trident mark’ nesting on the Apollo mount is the sign of a celebrity. The Apollo finger segment may be peppered with small criss-cross marks, another sign of the truly dedicated artist. A girdle of Venus should be present and possibly doubled or tripled - signifying passionate nature. The Head line most likely will curve toward or into the Luna mount, the mount revealing one’s tendency for dreaminess, creativity and imagination. The Heart line may appear as chained, a configuration often seen in palms of clairvoyants. The delicate Life line light may end close to or on the Luna mount instead of curving around the Venus mount – sign of a restless soul. A ‘mystic cross’ – mark of a mystical, psychic character - should connect the Head line with the Heart line.

 Negative palmar aspects like a sharply curved Head line tasseled on the end reflect Pisces with mental instability. A clearly-etched Via Lascivia accompanying the sharply-curved tasseled Head line signals instability, escapism compulsion, addiction.  A Head line with breaks or bar marks reveals stress or periods of mental instability. Lastly, a ‘ring of Saturn’ portrays morbidity or tendency toward feeling down or misunderstood – the ‘poor pitiful me’ syndrome.

Copyright Mary Trueschel known as MTrue Palmist and writer of

Mystery Palm.Com









Left and Right Palm
Acupressure Points in the Palm

Your Marvelous Hands and Treating the Body through Acupressure

Illustrated Image Above
Acupressure (actually based on practice of Acupuncture -- but more forgiving), is the practice of applying pressure to various points on the body with the goal of balancing life energy, called chi. This practice isnít New Age - itís been around 5000 long years - based on ancient understandings of the body as a physical and energetic entity. In response to applied pressure, the brain releases endorphins that stifle pain and cause pleasure. So with acupressure your muscles relax, blood flows, tension ceases, and the body finds balance again.
Did you know nerve endings of your various body systems and glands are mostly situated in your palms and foot soles? In this article I want to address using Acupressure applied to specific areas of the palm that happen to be related to diseased organs or systems. Properly applied pressure in the palm will send needed energy to the affected body organ; which results in stimulation of blood flow and rejuvenation, or pain relief - depending on method of pressure.
The process of aging, bad diet and physical abuse contribute to injurious chemicals and toxins collecting in and around your organs, systems, and joints. Naturally this eventually leads to diminished function of your organs -- as diseases progress there is proportionately higher amount of chemicals and toxins collecting around organs that impair blood flow.
Crystals of chemical compounds start collecting around specific pressure points in your palm that correspond with an affected organ. With acupressure treatment, accumulated crystals are moved out of town, blood flow restored, and your health back on the right track.
There are different methods of applying pressure:
a.) Direct pressure (stimulation) with thumb or index finger - or pressing with the eraser end of a pencil.
b.) Massaging in circular motion (pain relief).
c.) Kneading and twisting (stimulation).
I personally prefer the massaging method and feel immediate relief from neck pain when I massage above and around the base knuckle of my thumb Ė itís amazing!
Listed below are some of the locations of pressure points in your palm that may help you with your specific condition:
*Sinuses (fingertips)
*Ears (base of pinkie and ring finger)
*Eyes (base of the first and middle fingers)
* Brain/headaches (tips of the thumbs)
*Neck/Throat (above the base knuckle of the thumb and around)
*Shoulders (Under the pinkie knuckle at the edge of the palm)
*Liver (right palm and halfway down below the ring and pinkie fingers)
*Gall bladder (right palm and halfway down below space between middle and ring fingers)
*Pancreas/stomach (around the base knuckle of thumb)
*Colon (along the lower mid-palm to the rectum point just above the left wrist)
*Uterus and prostate (lower outer area of palm below thumb)
*Ovaries and testes (where wrist and the hand meet below pinkie finger)
Another theory regarding Acupressure is that painful pressure points in your palm mean electrical energy is actually leaking from your body Ė and that this leakage will cause certain organs to malfunction. Thus it is believed that applying acupressure in specific pressure points in your palms stops electrical body energy from escaping - which in turn restores your organs to a happy norm again.
~ Namaste, MTrue Palmist.


Copyright Mary Trueschel known as MTrue Palmist and writer of

Mystery Palm