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Dear Readers ~
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Mystery Palm of the Week Presents Past Reading:

"Love & Leadership”

Dear Readers ~

Note the positioning of this client’s fingers  flung widely apart ; which signals open mindedness and receptivity to new projects or adventures.

Life line (brownish line begins at palms radial side between thumb and pointer finger and travels around Venus mount toward base of palm) begins loaded with tiny upward lines indicating fiery nature and ambition from early age on. Upward ambition lines continue through age 35.
A large brownish colored x inside Life line on lower Mars mount (small mount above Venus mount next to thumb) indicates high personal standards client sets for herself. A large brownish cross below lower Mars mount indicates interference from associates or distant relatives when client is approximately age 32. This refers to difficulties that must be addressed. A grille mark positioned beneath second cross generally indicates this client is deemed attractive by the opposite sex.

Head line (blue horizontal line positioned above Life line beginning at palms radial edge and running toward ulnar edge) begins slightly above Life line revealing rebelliousness peppered with ambition. This line is considered to be most important by palmists as it reveals ones metal strength thus ability for success. This clients line is deep and continues beyond ring finger which indicates strong mentality. But the blue x mark embedding Head line below the middle finger indicates possible self deception at approximately age 27. Afterwards Head line continues strongly and ends in a small fork ~ the common sense configuration ~ so client regains her faculties and sense of balance.

Heart line (bright red line begins above Head line at palms radial edge; continues horizontally toward pointer finger) reveals normal capacity for loving as it gently curves; however shrewd nature is indicated by ending under middle finger. Client sets high standards for herself and her choice of mate.
I see two marriage crosses and a teachers square positioned on Jupiter mount. Crosses reveal two marriages or marriage like relationships; and a teachers square  shows strong ability to train, assist, teach, lead or counsel others.

Above Heart line note white loop marking, or papillary ridges. Loop positioned between pointer and middle finger is the "rajah loop" a rarity not often observed;  and first discovered in India during mid 20th century in the palms of royalty and strong leaders. So client possesses a most admirable, noble marking; and this marking signifies she is meant to lead others in this life. Loop situated between middle and ringer fingers is sign of a diligent, hard worker; and loop positioned somewhat sideways leaning between ring and little finger is sign of one valued for social skills, wit.

Look at all those affection lines ~ tiny horizontal lines under little finger on edge of Mercury mount. This client has a bevy of them which means lots of love in her life time. I see at least six affection lines indicating pivotal love relationships. These don’t always mean sexual love as they may also indicate platonic love or love for ones children. Affection lines signify people who leave a mark on ones soul. The strongest relationship occurs after age 30 to 35  (note longest line more than mid way up side of Mercury mount).
Bright green lines above Heart line on Mercury mount are medical stigmata ~ reveal love and desire to heal and assist others.

The Fate line (white colored vertical line beginning at palms base and running toward Saturn finger) is the indicator of ones personal satisfaction with social and financial standing in life. When it fades that indicates waning satisfaction; when it resumes that means strong feelings of success and accomplishment. I see several big changes before age 35 and it appears the client is involved in three major projects. After age 35 the client abandons two of the projects but continues with the third. In the clients early 40s she become involved in a new activity and excels with it well into her seventies. A lovely trident mark crowns the top of the Fate line positioned on the Saturn mount. This indicates material success that secures prosperity in old age ~ a sign of wisdom  I don’t often observe.

Copyright Mary Trueschel known as MTrue Palmist and writer of

Mystery Palm