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Dear Readers ~
This weeks client possesses palms with bewitching attributes. Note long slender fingers which reveal enhanced sensitivity toward environment.
Double rings of Jupiter under pointer finger signify this client can intensely feel others emotions as well as read others unspoken thoughts. The double Heart line (dual bright red lines above blue Head line) reveal intensified passion; and an almost perfect girdle of Venus (pink cradle like line above Heart lines) echoes the same passion and fire.
A triangle marking positioned on middle finger mount reveals strong interest and aptitude for esoterica and occult matters.

Note bright green cross positioned between Head and Heart lines ~ this is the "mystic cross" and presence of this marking means the bearer possesses strong intuitive or psychic powers.
And when this cross is positioned under middle finger it means the bearer uses his gift for the sake of pure knowledge and spiritual growth. Adversely when positioned under ring finger this special cross means the bearer uses gifts for monetary and social gain. It appears this client uses her gifts for both spiritual enhancement and social opportunity.
Multiple short bright green verticals rest on Mercury mount under little finger and are called medical stigmata because of the number of lines. When one possesses four or more short vertical lines it signifies the bearer has burning desire to assist or heal mankind.
Note the heavily marked Luna mount with a white concentric loop pattern that almost covers the entire mount. Originating from outer edge of Luna mount this large loop dermal shows client is constantly attuned to all of nature and natural rhythms of life. This unusually gifted person possesses empathy and awareness of all living beings as well as our planets natural resources.
Additionally a deeply etched pentagram inside a perfectly curved intuition line is the piece de resistance ~ and these two signs reveal this bewitching clients psychic connection to the unknown veiled other world.