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Dear Readers ~
Right palm Life line (brown line begins between thumb and Jupiter finger, travels around Venus mount toward palms base) begins attached to Head line (blue line above) indicating timidity until around age 13. Inside crosses (x marks) reveal interference from relatives in early teens. A move or change of life style occurs in late teens along with further interference from close relatives. Big change occurs at age 20 and more interference from friends and distant relatives. Tiny upward effort lines reveal strong focus for success at ages 20 and 25. After then Life line quality deepens considerably and widens to reveal fuller life opportunities as well as stronger physical vitality. Possible hidden illness or stress related problems occur at about age 50 (note break of line with continuing line inside of original. Client is cautioned to get necessary physicals and check ups at this stage of life. Strong survival instincts are intact (note large square mark on Venus mount level with Life line break. Life line indicates normal life span and ends with tiny downward travelers lines ~ sign of wanderlust and love of different environments.
Right palms Head line (blue horizontal line above Life line begins between thumb and Jupiter and runs toward palms ulnar edge) consistency is excellent and deep revealing strong mentality and lack of indecision. Ending configuration is a classic writers fork revealing excellent literary talent and powers of self expression. This line is considered most important of all palmar lines as it reveals capacity for success ~ and this client should be in a creative profession allowing freedom of expression.
Right palms Heart line (long red horizontal line begins at palms ulnar edge and travels toward Jupiter finger mount reveals capacity for loving) contains tiny downward lines indicating various disappointment with love relationships in late teens and mid twenties. Another disappointment occurs around age 27. An island appears from about age 20 through 35 which shows division of romantic energies, stressful times. Heart line solidifies and remains firm revealing normal flow of loving energies from mid 30s on. Ending is triple fork configuration ~ reveals wise choice of marriage partner from both financial and emotional stand points. It appears the client becomes more accepting, open minded and less demanding about characteristics of an ideal life mate AND this will be in her favor.
One happy marriage cross (red x) graces Jupiter mount to signify one satisfying marriage in the clients life time. Moving over to Mercury mount note two affection lines (short red horizontals at ulnar edge) which symbolize two pivotal love relationships beyond age 35, as they are positioned high up edge of Mercury mount.

Right palms Fate line (white verticals beginning at palms base, traveling up toward Saturn mount. Indicates life direction and personal satisfaction with social and financial status) reveals good start in life with family assistance in teens and twenties. However a large island forms from about age 19 through almost age 35 portraying feelings of not fitting in or finding proper niche in life. An island mark on Fate line of major hand reveals feelings of doubt about life direction and lack of satisfaction about social and financial standing. Around age 30 client begins a more conventional activity from original path; this secondary activity brings success and happiness well into her golden years ~ note line continues unmarred up above Heart line into Saturn mount. In the meantime original life direction continues to bring upset or self doubt as another island forms on Fate from late 20s through age 50. I feel these islands indicate the client feels she is not making enough money ~ the kind of money she truly desires. Fortunately after age 50 I see two life activities that bring pleasure, reward and happiness as she possesses a trident and a terrific well defined trident dermal (indicates a center of power) on her Saturn mount.
This client wishes to know: "Will I have financial success?"
My answer is you will obtain success and recognition ~ however it is essential for you to concentrate on one major activity or risk becoming a "jack of all trades" instead of a master. Your right palm shows the "all trades" configuration however your left palm reveals innate star qualities and positive public acclaim according to Fate and Apollo lines. Your anxiety lines reveal you find lasting friendships and being loyal to others even more important than obtaining money and material things. You would risk marring your caring nature by adopting a more dog eat dog attitude to obtain higher financial status.