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Dear Readers ~
Below is an in-depth reading I wrote for a client a couple of years ago. Recently he contacted me and let me know about his artistic frustrations. This client is presently in his 30s; and I feel this reading clearly lets him know the success he desires will not culminate for close to another ten years. Read on . . .
Let's address the Cheirognomy (shape of your hands) first: You possess the "Fire" social type palm in that your palms are heavily lined; and are also longer than your finger length. This tells me you tend to make quick decisions or respond quickly to outside stimuli. The width of your palm suggests a social nature. All your fingers are positioned generously apart which suggests open mindedness; and your thumb is positioned normally which indicates balance of emotion. Your thumb tip segment appears equal in length to your middle thumb segment which reveals balance of emotion with logic. Your little finger tip is well fleshed and long which signals communicative ability and the talent to convince others toward your way of thinking. Because you wear a ring on your Jupiter finger it reveals need for leading; directing; controlling; teaching. And your elongated Luna mount signifies one who thrives on his dreams and creative ability.
Lets take a look at your right palm:
Your right hand happens to be your hand of major use so it reveals your objective nature or your outward response to societys rules. This hand tells me what you have actively done in your past; what you are presently doing; and will be doing in the future.
Your Life line (the dark brownish red colored line beginning between the thumb and pointer finger and running around the Venus mount to base of palm). This is the line revealing physical health; family interference or assistance; as well as big changes. Your Life line begins slightly unattached from your Head line (dark blue colored line above Life line) with multiple x marks which reveal family attachment and affection in your early youth. Your right Life line appears free of bars or detrimental markings which indicates a stable physical condition and strong health. I see a large x mark on the inside of your Life line when you are @ 37 or 38 years of age, which signifies interference from close friends or business partners. However, your line appears further expanded when you are approximately 40 years of age which reveals a richer life style than previously experienced. There is a break with an outward over-lapping continuing line which reveals a big change for you at approximately age 65. It appears this is a favorable change since the continuing line is on the outside of the original line.
Your Head line (dark blue line running from thumb side toward palms outer edge) shows a moderately independent mind, but with strong family ties. This line is considered to be perhaps the most important of all palmar lines by most palmists as it reveals ones drive and ability to succeed. Your Head line is long, deep, and unmarred which reveals mental agility; and it continues beyond the ring finger area which proves much better than average mentality. Your crowning glory is the triple fork configuration on the end of your Head line ~ which signifies flair for business; keen mentality; and unusual creative imagination.
Your Heart line is the bright red colored line that runs from the palms outer edge up towards the Jupiter mount. This is the line that reveals your capacity for love, loyalty and romantic harmony. Your Heart line configuration tells me you have need to be proud of your chosen mate ~ that your romantic partner must be of at least equal or superior financial and social status. I see when you were @ 16 years of age a brief heartbreak and that there will be a division of romantic energies when you are approximately ages 26 through 40 (note the island mark on your Heart line underneath the Apollo ring finger). Afterwards your romantic outlook seems to strengthen and normalize as indicated by the strong unfettered continuing Heart line. You possess one happy marriage cross under on your Jupiter mount revealing capacity for one happy solid marriage. Moving over to the outer edge of your palm observe the small horizontal bright red colored lines under your Mercury little finger. These are your lines of affection and they reveal two strong loves in your lifetime. The first relationship ends with the passing of or separation from your mate as the line slants downward. The second relationship occurs in middle age and isn't as intense as your prior relationship ~ but you stay together.
The mark of passion, artistic and romantic ~ your Girdle of Venus ~ is broken which reveals unbridled passion for projects and people you adore. A true artist most always possesses this marking. I do see you must apply more discipline or control in romantic/artistic endeavors in order to obtain true success financially and recognition wise.
The violet colored lines running up from your Head line toward your Apollo ring finger are Apollo lines which reveal artistic interest as well as ability in your case. I see early creative interest in one main artistic area at an early age. Middle age brings more diversity as it appears there are three lines after age 50. The x mark with long tails attached and located on your Apollo mount is a most fortuitous sign which indicates artistic recognition and success.
Your Fate line (white colored vertical line running from base of palm up toward the middle Saturn finger) is the line revealing direction and dedication in life. This line also reveals ones personal satisfaction with ones social and financial status. This line is perhaps the most mutable of all palm lines as it disappears during times of dissatisfaction and reappears during good times. Yours reveals a good start in life as it begins at the palms base with an upside down v configuration. I see family assistance or even going into business with family when you are in your early 20s. At approximately this same time you form a partnership with an outside influence that involves creative activity. This creative alliance or influence will be the one that carries you into your old age for financial and social recognition.
The bright yellow colored lines stretching across your palms surface are anxiety lines which symbolize your need for lasting friendships; financial security; and balance of home life with work life.
The green colored vertical lines originating from the outside of your Life line and traveling toward your little finger are your Mercury, otherwise called Health lines. Because yours are somewhat frayed in appearance it suggests you must watch your diet or suffer nervousness and digestive problems.
Lastly, your Luna mount contains multiple lines of mental travel; islands; and x marks which suggest one who thrives on dreams and creative expression. To feel happy and whole you need to express yourself in creative projects. You must listen to and live your dreams.

Lets look at your left palm:
Because this is your hand of minor use it reveals your subjective nature ~ how you really feel about things ~ your inner, dreamy sub conscious side most others never see.
Your Life line begins with multiple x marks connecting it to the Head line which shows family affection and strong ties to parents and siblings. I see small effort lines at ages 16, 18 and a triangle mark at age 25 which signals monumental effort at that age. A star mark appears inside your Life line high on the Venus mount which is the sign of luckiness in love. An x mark appears on the inside of your Life line which reveals interference from relatives (may be well intentioned but still difficult to deal with) when you are age 25. Dual x marks appear on the Venus mount that signify interference from close friends or business partners when you are in your mid thirties. A triangle marking appears on your Venus mount on the inside of your Life line when you are approximately age 40; and it signifies you adopt shrewdness in love matters at this stage of your life. Shortly after age 40 it appears there will be more interference from a relative or close friend and it will be big but not too big for you to handle and eventually smooth out. Both your Venus mounts contain multiple Mars Sister Lines, otherwise known as lines of compassion for those smaller and weaker than you. (I forgot to mention this when reading your right palm), and these are the orange colored somewhat vertical lines running inside of the Life line on the Venus mount.
Your left Head line configuration is rather different than the one in your right palm. It begins similarly however there is a break with an over lapped effect which suggests shelter during a period of great mental stress when you are @ 35 years of age. The ending configuration is also different as it ends in a fork with an uplifted branch ~ the sign of a money maker armed with common sense ~ a good sign!
Your Heart line begins at your palms outer edge and indicates disappointment in love when you are approximately age 16. An island appears when you are approximately age 26 through 40 which signals division of romantic energies and stress. The ending configuration of your Heart line suggests both social and financial status quo are quite important to you in romantic relationships.
One happy marriage cross graces your Jupiter mount; but two affection lines reside under your little finger. It appears you view the second relationship as the most successful and longest lasting.
Your broken Girdle of Venus reveals burning passion for people and projects you are involved with.
The singular Apollo line beginning with a large x mark reveals a large difficulty you are able to overcome to eventually achieve creative success and recognition in the arts. The bright colored green x mark on your Mercury mount is the writers cross, which reveals literary ability in your soul.
Your Fate line reveals family assistance with your career when you are approximately age 20 or early 20s. Indication of creative alliance with an outside source is also indicated at @ age 25 and this begins because of your unusual imagination (note the dark purple x the second Fate line is attached to). I see more family assistance in your late 20s; and in your mid 40s you adopt a more conventional approach to accomplishing financial and social status all on your own. You will do it your way! The small x marking on your Saturn mount tells me you need to carefully guard possessions while traveling as you have tendency to lose things in transit. (Plan ahead ~ take inventory of important items so you may avoid further loss).
The dark green Mercury lines are frayed which suggests a fragility of nerves and that you need to take about an hour each day to rest, reflect, or meditate to protect your emotional health.
Small orange colored horizontal lines of opposition reveal some problems with authority figures or higher ups that you work with. (I forgot to mention you also possess these lines in your right palm which reveals some ingrained problems dealing with higher ups). Perhaps a bit of an attitude adjustment is in order so you can overcome these people and the obstacles they present you.
Lastly, your Luna mount contains strong lines of intuition which tells me you must follow your gut instinct. Deep down you know what others truly dream and desire, a skill valuable in both business and interpersonal relationships.
To summarize and answer this clients questions:
1.) You speak of the fantasies and dreams you have had the last ten years and wonder when you will have success with your movie. Or will at least be able to produce it and get it out there. You wonder about the money ~if it will come easily to you. ~
No the money and support wont come easily as I see some personality problems with higher ups. Perhaps they misunderstand you and your intentions. I do see age 25 as being a turning point and that you will also receive family assistance at that age. I also feel a romantic relationship at that time will bring you luck. This person will be very attracted to your unusual imagination and creative capabilities; and this union and influence on your career should last many years. You will have to wait as success will not be overnight; but I feel you will have security and status while still in your 40s. That is a time of strength in love and more self-confidence and independence on your own part. Do not despair over the time table as good things usually take a lot of time to get right and you will have some fun along the way.
2.) You wonder if you will be able to exercise control over the production of your movie and if others will have confidence in your decision making. ~
I feel you will have some limited control, and that you wont be overjoyed with the decisions of higher ups. It is going to be stressful for you and you must guard your health and nerves from exhaustion. Because you are not seasoned yet (you are young) there are many hurdles you will have to overcome in order to prove your ability to higher-ups. Having outbursts or displays of emotion in front of the superiors will not work for you. Confidence (your own and that from others) will eventually come with your 40s.
3.) You are in some debt and wish very much to make your family proud of your accomplishments. You wonder when you will form the affiliation with the outside influence that will assist you in obtaining prosperity and long lasting status. ~
I feel you will meet this person from outside your family when you are approximately age 25 and that it will also be a romantic relationship. This mate will assist you financially in your business as well as have goals common to yours. Success will be a long, hard climb but with your deep desire for lasting friendships and financial security (as indicated by your strong multiple anxiety lines) you are certain to achieve personal satisfaction with your financial and social standards. Your family will come to the rescue again because they believe in your ability when you are in your late 30s; and your 40s will be a time of pride and self confidence. Your mid to late 40s will bring even more happiness so as you will be accomplishing things in your own inimitable manner quite successfully.