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Mystery Palm of the Week Presents Past Reading:

"Leo Sun Client"

Dear Readers ~
Width of palms suggests social nature; length of fingers social adaptability. Loop dermal patterns on finger tips portray social nature; collaborating well in situations of both work and play. Mercury finger is spread apart from Apollo finger which signifies open mindedness. Finger tips are on the long side and this indicates this client seeks her higher self. A ring on right Apollo finger reveals personal emphasis on beauty, music and the arts.
The client is right-handed; so the right palm reveals objective outward response toward her environment and societys rules. Life line (brown vertical begins between thumb and Jupiter finger and runs around Venus mount toward palms base) begins joined with Head line (blue horizontal above Life line) which shows timidity or dependence on family well into the clients twenties. Life line appears to triple which shows increased physical stamina and will in late 20s. A large island forms which usually points toward hidden illness or stress until about age 35. Life line expands outward and becomes singular which reveals renewed physical vigor and life opportunities at this stage of life. There are a couple of lines of failed effort when the client is in early 50s; but afterwards well into the clients 70s better opportunity and life style options reign. Another positive sign is three deeply etched wrist rings ~ a sign of luck and longevity.
Head line begins with tiny upward lines revealing ambition despite apparent shyness. Line appears solid revealing sound mentality. However islands form in clients mid-30s which indicate indecision and headaches. Line becomes solid after the clients late 30s and ends in creative configuration slanting into Luna mount ~ meaning the client must be allowed creative freedom of expression for true fulfillment. Heart line (long bright red horizontal begins at palms outer edge and travels toward Jupiter mount) shows a happy relationship in clients early to mid-20s (note tiny upward line under little finger). But afterwards from late 20s through mid-30s there appears to be inconsistency of loving feelings (note chains under ring finger. Chains may also indicate a physical deficiency of minerals) and the small x under ring finger indicates client may need to take extra precautions with health in early 40s to avoid possible heart conditions. After then Heart line indicates a smooth flow of loving energies. Ending configuration reveals desire for material acquisition; loyalty and devotion; and a twinge of jealous nature.

Left palm is the "silent" one which reflects subjective inner dreamy response toward environment and societys rules. Life line (in silent palm Life line portrays emotional rather than physical status) shows desire for family closeness into late teens. I see several moves or changes of life style until about age 20. In late 20s client is presented with a crossroads of great opportunity that involves travel. It appears client is annoyed by interference from relatives. When client is about age 35 life becomes more stabile despite continued interference from relatives. After the clients 50s life opportunities expand along with smooth flow of emotions.
Head line reveals ambition from early age (note tiny uplifted blue lines at beginning). Late 20s through late thirties brings a time of intensified focus and determination (note triangles on underside of Head line underneath middle finger). About age 50 Head line appears to lift upward revealing money making ideas. Ending configuration of line is a writers fork which portrays penchant for turning fantasy into reality. Heart line begins with early possible heart complications (note tiny x near outer edge). I see a happy love relationship in mid 20s (note tiny upward line under little finger). Much chaining follows revealing tumultuous love relationships; confusion; fickleness. Heart line is so chained it appears doubled ~ a sign I most often see in the palms of Leo Sun clients. This reveals being more easily hurt in love relationships than others. Despite all the love disappointments I see Heart line ends in a triple fork just outside of the Jupiter mount which signifies wise choice of marriage partner. One huge marriage cross on Jupiter mount signifies only one true love for this client. Affection line (short red horizontal under little finger at palms outer edge) reveals one strong love relationship begins well but ends with client and partner separating emotionally ~ note line splits into a fork. Another interesting line in this palm is a deep line of influence (note long yellow line coming from palms outer edge and attaching to Fate line just above Head line) and this shows marriage, partnership or marriage like union just after age 35.
Health wise I feel the client should take vitamins always. She is meant to live a long life according to wrist rascettes; but chaining on Heart line most often shows mineral deficiency. Client most likely drives herself to exhaustion thus needs supplements. Career wise Fate line (long white verticals) reveals two strong life activities (most often marriage and career) after age 35. Apollo lines (violet verticals under ring fingers) show many creative interests and hobbies but tendency for spreading thin. It appears client possesses two talents stronger than other interests and will achieve success in these but must intensify focus. A triangle under left Apollo is a positive sign of great potential to use artistic talent in clever ways for financial gain ~ and within this clients power.