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Life Head and Heart Line Study

Lets begin with the shape (Cheirognomy) of hands: Long thin fingers and long palms etched with a riot of lines and markings place hands in the "Water" category. Longer fingers mean more receptor cells hence greater sensitivity toward ones environment. Water individuals are sensitive, soulful and tend to possess higher intuitive powers than those with shorter fingers and sparsely lined palms. Note all fingers are positioned amply apart (especially Mercury fingers) sign of open mindedness and receptivity toward change and others ideas. Although thumb tip is long, second thumb segment is much longer indicating logic rules over emotion. All phalange segments are long and; although there appear to be blockages (small white colored horizontal lines) with the middle segments symbolic of social needs. There also appear to be blockages in third phalange segments symbolic of basic needs of food sex and earthly comforts. First phalanges appear free of blockages and these represent search of higher self, pure truth and pure beauty ~ so these segments mostly represent this clients personality and life direction. Note most finger tip dermals are concentric circles: pure whorls indicate unusual approach in problem solving and unique personality with creative twist.
Life line (brown line begins between thumb and Jupiter finger, travels around Venus mount toward palms base. Indicates moves or changes of life style, physical vitality, interference from relatives or friends) appears slightly attached to Head line (blue line above Life line) and contains multiple cross marks (x) indicating family closeness in early life with a big move or change of life style in late teens. Inside Life line note square mark revealing strong survival instincts in early age. Multiple cross marks inside Life line signify interference from relatives (not immediate) in childhood and early teens. An island mark inside Life line on Lower Mars mount signifies an unhappy experience in childhood this client wishes to forget. Life line doubles revealing stronger physical resistance from late teens through mid twenties. Interference from relatives (not immediate) or family friends continues into mid-twenties. A grille mark located touching lower section of Lower Mars mount reveals client is notably attractive to opposite sex. Life line continues unobstructed revealing good physical resistance; a small upward effort line appears at about age 34 indicating a time of intense effort and focus on life direction. Age 40 brings further interference from a relative or close friend. The clients mid to late 40s brings crossroad circumstances when she may choose to pull back in activities or continue full steam ahead. Because the Fate line (white vertical at palms base) assists or becomes continuance of Life line and is expanded more outwardly, it looks like the client continues with renewed vigor and expanded life opportunities despite interference from relatives and friends. Note inside Life line Venus mount is embellished with multiple Mars Sister lines (orange verticals) which strengthen qualities of Life line. I see an (orange colored) triangle after age 40 which symbolizes discretion and shrewdness especially in matters of love. A square at Venus mount base symbolizes strong survival instincts continue well into golden years.
Head line (blue horizontal begins between thumb and Jupiter finger above Life line. Indicates degree of mentality, mental direction thus ability to succeed. Considered most important of all palmar lines) begins with a cross mark indicating serious nature from early childhood. Line is firm and unobstructed revealing excellent mental strength. No nervous breakdowns or periods of indecision indicated. Length extends beyond area under Apollo mount which reveals superior degree of mentality. Ending configuration is a small fork revealing notable common sense. Small blue colored cross on lines ending suggests unusual creative thinking to the degree others may view the client as eccentric.

Heart line (long red horizontal begins at palms ulnar edge, travels toward Jupiter mount. Reveals capacity for loving) indicates a couple of happy love relationships in teens and early 20s. I see a love disappointment at about age 24. An island mark forms from age 25 to about 27 indicating division of loving energies or stress. Another island immediately forms from then through early 30s with a love disappointment. From late 30s on line becomes solid revealing normal flow of loving energies. Heart line ends in a triple fork (note three branches on Jupiter mount) which means wise choice of marriage partner. The client possesses an accessory line that appears to touch beginning of Head line and this means she must have a mate with excellent financial standing to be happy. I see two happy marriage crosses revealing ability for two successful marriages or marriage like relationships. Moving over to ulnar edge on Mercury mount note four affection lines meaning the client is blessed with loving relationships. First relationship was happy (line lifts up) and occurred in her 20s. About age 35 there is a relationship that ends in separation (note fork on ending). A few years after then she has a long wonderful relationship that ends with her mates passing (note line droops down on ending); and this relationship should be happening right about now. In her golden years she has a fourth light hearted happy relationship (line lifts up).