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Mystery Palm of the Week Presents Past Reading:

"Career V.S. Life Partner Choice"

Dear Readers ~
A cross mark on the Lower Mars mount reveals this right handed Scorpio Sun client possesses high personal standards. Double family lines (orange verticals connecting thumb to Venus mount) portray intensified feelings concerning family unity; devotion to family well being. Because family lines are not chained means the client chooses to not get into verbal debates with family members.
Head line (blue line begins between thumb and Jupiter finger above Life line; travels towards palms ulnar edge. Shows mental strength and ability for success) contains multiple tiny upward effort lines indicating ambitious attitude from early life though around age 15; chaining follows and this signifies periods of confusion, headaches and indecision through around age 26. Head line becomes solid afterwards and shows normal flow of mental energies for duration of life time. A tiny fork on Head lines ending signifies common sense and mental balance.
Heart line (long red line begins at palms ulnar edge and travels toward Jupiter mount to reveal capacity for loving) begins with chaining showing fickleness or inconsistent feelings in early youth. Heart line doubles from early 20s through about age 27 , shows strengthening of loving feelings but also greater tendency for being hurt in romance. Quality of Heart line appears a bit fragmented which again indicates inconsistency of loving feelings. Ending of Heart line reveals a smooth operator ~ choosey about love partners; and desire for one of equal or better social and financial status as his own. Breaks in Heart line overlap, which rules out physical heart problems but does point toward inconsistent feelings in love.
Affection lines (tiny red horizontals at ulnar edge of Mercury mount) reveal four pivotal love relationships in the clients life time. The strongest relationship occurs in clients latter years (note top line appears as longest). Moving over to Jupiter mount, note one rather large red marriage cross shows ability for one happy marriage.
Pronounced but broken Girdle of Venus (pink lines above Heart line) portrays an artistic, passionate soul who dearly loves his special people and favored activities with unbridled affection.

Looking at left palms Heart line, note lots of feathering - which shows fun flirtations in early youth. A large island appears from late teens through mid-20s, signifying inconsistency of romantic feelings. Remainder of Heart line is fragmented and this means the client constantly questions romantic choices and options. Heart lines ending mid way on outside of Jupiter mount reveals desire for a trophy mate.
Affection lines mirror four significant love relationships as in the clients right palm. The third relationship appears as most intense according to left palm. However right palm reveals client spends greater amount of time devoted to fourth relationship. First two relationships happen before age 35; third relationship occurs after age 35; fourth in clients early 50s.
One happy marriage cross on Jupiter mount mirrors cross in right palm. Tripled Girdle of Venus is a sign of great passion and creativity. Presence of the girdle is a must in a creative persons palm and shows fire and devotion for creating and succeeding in creative life direction.
Fate line in left palm is more visible ~ portrays inner feelings of self worth and strong personal direction. I see at about age 25 desire for more conventional direction of life activity. Perhaps it is desire for secure successful marriage. Creative direction and ability for inspiring others is apparent from length of outer Fate line which continues well above Heart line to show long life of interacting with public. It looks like the inner line stops at the Heart lines intersection, so again I must caution the client to be extra careful about choice of romantic partners. Wrong choice could deter well-respected progress of his career.
This client poses the question: Will I get married happily?
My answer is: I see potential for one happy marriage. I also see you want to be married now and get on with your life. Both palms indicate you do get married before age 35 and that it lasts into early 50s. But because Fate line in right palm referring to marriage end at Heart lines intersection show your spouse may either resent your career (which causes you emotional tension) or may actually embarrass you with your business associates (and this could cause some harm to your career reputation). You must be extra choosy and for goodness sake do not say anything sexually in public that you don't want recorded or repeated. Scorpio is indeed one of the most intense sexual Sun signs ~ which makes it all the more difficult to behave.