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Mystery Palm of the Week Presents Past Reading:

"Blessed With Saturn Tridents"

Dear Readers ~
Looking at the shape (Cheirognomy) of these hands I see strong need for security ~ note thumb is rather high set. However length of thumb is significant which means good sense of ego. Middle finger segments appear as strongest, and emphasize social skills.
Let's look at right palm ~ (clients major hand so palm reveals objective outward response toward environment and societys rules):
Inside Life line (brown vertical begins between thumb and Jupiter finger, surrounds Venus mount and runs toward palms base) on Lower Mars mount a large island reveals unhappy times in childhood the client wishes to forget. I see multiple moves or changes of life style in early childhood; a move or change of life style in mid teens causes confusion. Another move/change of life style occurs near age 20 ~ after interference from relatives takes place. More interference from close relatives occurs at about age 25. A triangle appears inside Life line close to age 35 and signals time of great effort and concentration on the clients part to bring peace in the family. A tiny effort line graces outside of Life line at same time and reveals the same. Afterwards Life line smoothes revealing normal flow of energy. A triangle appears inside Life line and portrays discretion in love and romance. Age 50 brings a crossroad in life: the client may either choose to restrict activities; or go full steam ahead. Because Life line resumes on outside it looks like the client decides to go for it. Life line ends in a cross mark which symbolizes happy old age.
Head line (blue horizontal above Life line begins joined closely to Life line revealing timidity in youth through late teens. A large island forms showing indecision and headaches from mid-teens through late thirties. After about age 40 normal flow and focus resumes and ending configuration reveals common sense.
Heart line (long red horizontal above Head line begins at palms outer edge and travels into Jupiter mount) contains many downward branches reveals many disappointments in love relationships through mid-20s. Early thirties bring another disappointment in love. Normal flow of loving feelings resumes revealing strong capacity for loving another. Ending configuration is unique, a sort of triple fork that is competing with jealousy and possessiveness. This client must overcome possessiveness to enjoy a wise choice of romantic partner.
Affection lines (tiny red horizontals at edge of Mercury mount) reveal three pivotal love relationships. The current relationship the client is in now may be marred by anger (note tiny red x) but it looks like it will resume after a short break or separation. It appears to be the same relationship as lines are joined together by an x. I see a happy relationship (note top line lifts up) when the client is quite a bit older (late 50s to 60s) that occurs after a spouse has passed on.

Lets look at left palm "silent hand" which reveals subjective, subconscious, dreamy response toward environment and societys rules:
Life line reveals timidity in early age with strengthening of emotional fortitude in mid-to-late teens; large triangle reveals great determination through early 20s. Tiny upward effort lines appear in mid to late 20s to buffer interference from relatives. More interference from relatives occurs in mid-30s and again when the client is about age 50. It appears the client desires to broaden options at this point in her life, which results in greater personal happiness (two x marks near lines end).
Head line is quite different in this palm ~ shows strong innate capacity for decision making. In fact the straightness of it suggests the client cares little for others opinions of personal undertakings; therefore should be her own boss. The fork on the ending is a mix of common sense and originality. The length of line reveals incredible intelligence.
Heart line is this palm shows possessiveness and strong desire for a trophy mate. I see potential for one happy marriage or marriage like union (one large x on Jupiter mount).
Affection lines reveal one earlier love relationship. The current relationship starts well but the split into two branches shows emotional division and disagreements. I see a third relationship that appears happy ~ in the clients older years.
Both palms contain double rings of Jupiter which reveal psychic power for reading others unspoken thoughts and intentions. I also see strong need for personal recognition (yellow ring like line beneath Jupiter rings) and it appears to me the client most likely competes with her spouse and causes negative friction.
Both palms contain a line of influence (long yellow line begins at palms outer edge to join Fate line) - indicates a marriage or marriage like union in the clients late 20s. The left palm shows and earlier love relationships that failed in her early 20s (influence line crosses through Fate line).
Both palms contain double Girdles of Venus ~ sign of deep passion and creativity. Double Girdles are most often found in palms of artists, musicians, writers ~ those deeply involved in the arts. Both palms contain lines of Apollo ~ presence of which indicate deep interest in beauty and the arts.
Both palms contain a trident on the Saturn mount a most positive sign that indicates financial security in old age.