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"Undying Love"

Dear Readers ~

Let's look at right palm (clients major hand so this palm reflects outward objective response toward environment and societys rules) :
Life line (brown line begins between thumb and Jupiter finger, curls around Venus mount toward palms base) begins with triangles of effort showing ambition and inner strength from early age. There are also many cross marks indicating moves and changes of life style. Shyness is revealed by the Life and Head lines being joined for a long period, until about age 25. It seems the client is able to break loose from inner shyness or family restrictions at that stage of life.
An obviously large cross appears on Venus mount when client is approximately age 25 and indicates interference from relatives or close friends. I also see a move or change of life style at this time (note small cross situated on outside of Life line). Interference from relatives or close friends occurs again at about age 35; more obstacles with relatives around age 40. From late 30s to about early 50s the client may be experiencing a hidden illness (note Life line and Fate line form an island) but one he will overcome. It also appears the client is willing to travel in order to help others in his late 40s. Life line smoothes afterwards and I see another move or change of life style in the clients mid 60s.
Head line (blue horizontal above Life line) shows extensive shyness until about age 25 or 26. After then client develops feelings of confidence and tends to care little about others opinions of his personal life.
Heart line (long red horizontal above Head line begins at palms outer edge and runs toward Jupiter mount) begins with a happy love relationship in mid teens and strengthening of emotions afterwards. Heart line is relatively straight which signifies client cares little about others opinions of romantic partners. Client is not a jealous natured person; however personally needs to be proud of his mate socially and financially (note Heart line ends mid Jupiter mount).
Affection lines reveal two pivotal relationships in clients life time. One relationship before age 35; and the second relationship before age 50. The second relationship is most intense and lengthy; but finally ends in separation or death of his beloved (note split on ending of topmost affection line).

Looking at left palm ( the "silent hand" palm reflects inner dreamy subjective response toward environment and societys rules):
Life line of silent hand always reveals emotional rather than physical fortitude. Life line begins with bevy of triangles showing great effort from early age. I see major interference from close relatives around age 18; and @ age 20 independence and strengthening of self knowledge despite interference from distant relatives or friends. Before age 35 a triangle appears on inside of Life line which signifies great personal effort to make peace with interfering relatives. Life line strengthens and doubles at about age 40; and a definite change of life style before age 50. Interference from close relatives follows around age 50. Life line continues doubled which reveals an emotional rock of Gibraltar.
Head line is quite different in silent hand which reveals strong creativity and imaginative powers ~ note ending of line dives into Luna mount. It appears client chooses to present a more conventional picture to the world; but all the while is an internal steaming brew of cleverness and imagination. Because Apollo line is well defined in major palm which shows client derives deep personal satisfaction from his talents.
Heart line shows happy relationship in mid teens; disappointment in mid 20s; a couple of other disappointments in mid 30s, early 40s. Heart line smoothes afterwards which shows normal flow of loving energies from early 40s on. Ending branch shows desire for financial acquisitions but stronger desire for a mate client is proud of socially and financially.
Affection lines are dual with one relationship before age 35; the other relationship before age 50. Just like in the right palm, the second relationship is strongest. It appears his love never dies for the second love and is a happy relationship on an emotional basis as topmost line lifts up on ending in silent palm.
To summarize and answer clients two questions:
1.) How is life after 60 to 65? Busy. Fate lines (white somewhat centered vertical lines) continue beyond Heart line up into Saturn mount. This reveals public interaction well into ones 70s. I see significant move or change of life style according to right palm when in mid 60s. People will gravitate toward this client because of his emotional strength.
2.) Is there another relationship in the future? Yes I see a long relationship emotionally healthy for client (note left hand affection line lifts up to reveal light heartedness and laughter in relationship) and it will occur after age 35 but before age 50. It will be the love of the clients life and most long lasting.