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Dear Readers ~
Let me know which past Mystery Palm reading you'd like to see again and I'll do my best to accomodate your wishes. ~ Sincerely, MTrue Palmist.

Mystery Palm Presents Past Reading:'Unusual Sense of Humor'

This Taurean client submitted her palms to me because she was particularly concerned about her Health line, otherwise called Mercury line (dark green-colored lines running from lower area of palm up toward little finger). Her Mercury line is quite broken, frayed and indicates emotional stress. This stress can lead to digestive problems and possible trouble with the spleen or liver. The most important thing this lady can do for any potential problems is to get adequate exercise, nutrition and a good eight hours of sleep per night.
Clients Fate line, long white-colored vertical line running from Luna mount as well as mid-wrist up toward middle finger portrays an amazing, independent, and creative individual -- note greater part of Fate line stems from Luna mount -- area of palm representing dreams, creativity, travel and imagination.
In clients mid-30s some family assistance is indicated where Fate line joins Life line (dark reddish brown line traveling from above thumb down to wrist).

A star mark on clients left palm Venus mount signals she is lucky in love (a true sensual Taurus). The star mark on outside of right palms Life line is an indication of fortunate move or change of life style around 27 or 28 years of age. The following tiny upward effort lines on Life line reveal determination with positive results.
What interests me most are both palms Luna mounts (fleshy mounts located low on palm at outer edge). Clients Luna mounts reveal great capacity for dreams, creativity, and imagination ~ note Luna mounts are richly embossed with lines of mental travel; cross or x marks; islands; triangles; square marks.
Lastly, this clients low set and ample lengthed thumb tells me she possesses a most unusual sense of humor that others may sometimes view as outrageous or eccentric.