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Mystery Palm of the Week Presents Past Reading:

"When Will I Find Love?"

"When Will I find Love?"

Dear Readers ~
Let's begin with characteristics and shape (Cheirognomy) of hands: somewhat wide, heavily-lined palms accompanied with relatively shorter fingers places these hands in "Fire" category. Fire people are adept at social skills; tend to work well with others; love creativity and the arts.
Fingers are positioned apart (especially little fingers) revealing receptivity and open mindedness. Thumb is well-fleshed indicating lack of guile; fingers are straight ruling out deceptive tactics. Apollo and Saturn fingers of right hand appear to hug, revealing playfulness in love relationships.
Luna mount is exceptionally well-developed, accenting Lunar characteristics. Our palms are divided into fleshy pads named after planets of the solar system and are called palm mounts; each mount reveals qualities of the particular planet it is associated with. Luna mount is concerned with attributes of the Moon and indicates ones ability to utilize dreamy, subconscious, creative nature within. Luna mount may be plumped up and rosy; or flat and colorless. If the Luna mount is the former, and heavily lined with crosses, stars, islands, and lines of mental travel as this clients ~ All definitely indicates Lunar personality. Lunar people possess colorful imaginations, active unconscious minds, and the gift of turning dreams into reality; and able to grasp pieces of subconscious and give birth to realistic concepts and creative projects.
Finger tip dermals are loops and pure whorls ~ both thumbs being whorls reveals strong sense of ego and personal goals. A whorl on left Jupiter tip shows unusual direction; and loop on right Jupiter signifies developed social skills. Loops on both Saturn tips indicate exceptional ability for working with others. Pure whorls on both Apollo tips are the marking of a true artist who imitates no one. Loops on both Mercury tips reveal strong social skills and communication strengths.
Let's look at right palm lines and markings (Cheiromancy): hand of major use which reveals objective nature and outward response toward environment and societys rules. Life line (brown line begins between thumb and Jupiter finger, travels around Venus mount toward palms base. Reveals physical vitality; moves; changes of life style; interference from relatives and friends) begins with multiple cross (x) marks signifying many moves and life style changes in early age. Island marks and a triangle indicate weakened physical vitality but also focused personal effort in mid-teens; again in late teens. Interference from close relatives occurs at this stage as well as interference from distant relatives or friends. More interference (x mark) from relatives occurs at about age 25. A following triangle on Life line reveals time of intensified effort at age 30. Life line smoothes afterwards to reveal return of normal flow of vital energies. It appears client may have experienced mineral deficiency until that age. Interference from relatives occurs again at about age 45; and a following large triangle outside Life line reveals big change of life style or new relationship. This will be because of personal focused energies after age 45. Much focus is further revealed all through 40s and mid 50s (inner triangles). Age 55 is the positive cross roads where it appears clients life style will be enriched with better life opportunities (note Life line expands outward near wrists base). Another positive physical factor is a plentitude of Mars Sister Lines (orange verticals on Venus mount) which strengthen qualities of Life line.
Head line (blue line above Life line begins between thumb and Jupiter finger and in this clients case travels into Luna mount. Reveals mental strength and direction thus ability for success) begins with multiple tiny upward effort lines showing go-getter tendencies from early age. An large obvious break appears in clients early 20s - and signifies time of accident or possible head injury. Age 25 also shows sharp curve into Luna mount thus more creative life direction. Head line is solid from then on, revealing strong mental powers and great need for creative freedom of expression. An x on Head lines ending indicates unusual imagination.
Heart line (long bright red line begins at palms outer edge and runs horizontally toward Jupiter mount. Reveals capacity for loving) begins with feathering revealing ups and downs of youth. An island appears before age 25 reveling emotional stress in love relationships. A triangle appears around ages 26 through 29 indicating time of focused personal effort in a love relationship. The small cross on Heart line around age 30 shows potential for a possible heart problem. A following triangle reveals strong personal effort in a love relationship before age 50. Ending configuration is a triple fork a fortunate sign of wise choice of romantic partners.
Affection lines reveal five love relationships in clients life time ~ first two occur close together in teens and early twenties. A strong third relationship occurs in early 30s; and two close together relationships occur in late 40s to early 50.. These last two are so close together they could be with same person.
A lower long yellow horizontal influence line cutting through Fate line reveals a love relationship ending before age 35. An upper yellow anxiety line reveals strong drive for financial freedom.

Lets look at left palm lines and markings: This is clients "silent" hand which palm reflects inner dreamy subjective response toward environment and societys rules.
Life line reveals a large obstacle in early age and focused effort in early teens. Two significant moves or changes of life style occurred in mid to late teens. Interference from relatives occurred late teens through early 30s. Tiny upward effort lines reveal strong personal effort from early 20s through age 35. A significant move or change of life style is indicated by x on outside Life line at about age 30. A smaller change of life style occurs closer to age 40. Condition of Life line in this hand is smoother than in right, which reveals strong emotional fortitude despite any physical maladies or deficiency. Tiny downward lines low on Life line are travelers lines which indicate client loves travel for duration of life time. Large blue cross attaching Life line with Fate line (seen in both palms) is St. Josephs Cross ~ sign of one willing to travel in order to assist others.
Heart line quality is quite similar to that of right palm; however it doesnt end in a triple fork. It ends long and piercing Jupiter mount showing desire for trophy mate or one of equal or better social and financial status as clients.
Three affection lines indicate three pivotal love relationships in clients heart. The first occurs in late teens; second about age 30; the third approximately in late 40s.
Fate line contains almost identical configuration as in right palm showing client is in touch with subconscious. This is unusual.
Client poses the question:
Will I get married or in a committed relationship? It appears client had a meaningful relationship that ended before age 35 and this affected her life deeply according to right palms influence line. It seems that time has made client more forgiving; but she is still guarded according to right palm. I do see a loving relationship in clients future and it should occur in clients late forties according to both palms. Right palm shows topmost relationship lines so close they must be with the same person. Left palm affection line (topmost) reveals client will love this person more than she allows them to know. There is a slight item of moodiness according to ring of Saturn (orange ring like line across Saturn mount in right palm) which still causes client to be oppressive toward expression of inner feelings. It is a form of self defense but this client can overcome with greater focus and surrender to inner feelings.