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Aquarian Palm Characteristics 

Air Sign

(January 21- February 19)

wide-set thumb
Aquarian Palm Characteristics

Dear Readers ~
Aquarius an Air sign ruling the ankles, circulatory system and aura is symbolized by the Water Bearer - a suggestion of waves, fluidity, and the invisible forces of nature.
If you are born under this sun sign you are generous almost to a fault. You tend to embrace liberal, universal views – accepting and inspiring all of humanity.
Other’s conservatism and stall tactics are annoying, propelling some Aquarians to rebel with displays of outrageous or eccentric reactions.
Positive aspects of the Aquarian mind are reflected in the palm by long palms, long fingers with extra-long tips – indication of higher sensitivity and knowledge of higher self.
The fingers will be widely-spread as should the thumb which should be low-set – reflecting open-mindedness, generosity, intelligence, courage and versatility.
The Mercury finger should at least reach to the top of the middle ring finger segment.
Finger nails will likely be wedge-shaped revealing sensitivity and love of acquiring knowledge – or filbert-shaped revealing an open-minded one who presents ideas as ‘gifts to others’.
The palm lines and markings should be numerous revealing an active mind; and a papillary loop dermal on the Luna mount portrays a gift for inspiring.

wide-set thumb
Aquarian Palm Characteristics

The upper palm mounts will likely be more pronounced than the lower mounts revealing higher-mindedness and lack of concern over basic matters.
The Fate line will contain many tiny upward branches revealing many positive endeavors.
There will be pronounced, multiple ‘empathy lines’ gracing the Mercury mount and a double ‘ring of Jupiter’ – showing empathy for humanity and knowledge of humanity’s desires.
Sexy Aquarians will possess an ‘island mark’ on their Venus mount which shows ability to divide time for multiple lovers.
Also there may be very little difference between the lines in left and right palms because a true Aquarian is intensely in tune with his inner self, intent on fulfilling life’s purpose.

Tribute to Carol Waid, my very best friend in the world (02-15-1956 to 07-09-2014) - a True Aquarian in every way.

Air Sign
( May 22nd - June 21st )

Gemini the Twins
Gemini, an Air Sign

Gemini, an Air sign that rules the hands, arms, lungs and nervous system is symbolized by Twins. If you happen to be born under this sun sign you have a positive intellectual way of verbalizing thoughts. You behave and look more youthful than your peers throughout your lifetime.
A true Gemini, like the butterfly’s wings always has two sides - surprising others with unanticipated actions or refurbished opinions.
Communication is a must with Gemini -- so if you stop talking, Gemini disappears to greener pastures in search of newer more stimulating social circles.
Awareness, versatility and being forever young - all Gemini traits- are revealed by shorter spatulate palms with longer out-stretched fingers and thumbs.
The Mercury finger and tip should be especially long as it represents a silver tongue, as well as humor and sexuality. Some Gemini are easily attracted to both sexes, and often sport pinkie rings on both fingers.
Palms should be relatively free of anxiety lines, except for influence lines inside the Venus mount - a sign of many friendships. The Luna mount should be well-developed to portray Gemini’s capacity for dreams, creativity, and mental travel.
The Life, Head, and Heart lines will appear light, or air-like – and there may also be a long double Head line which reveals intensified mentality.
The Head line may also divide under the Saturn finger, which shows ability to understand both sides of issues -- or dual personality.
The Heart line should be lightly feathered - a sign of many friendships due to Gemini’s flights of freedom and duplicity.
And last but not least, a long Fate line, ending on or near the Jupiter mount reveals magnificent talent for public speaking – one of Gemini’s fortes.

Libra Palm Characteristics
Air Sign
(September 24th - October 23rd )

Fate line with branches
Libra Palm Characteristics

Dear Readers ~
Libra is an Air sign that rules the endocrine system and kidneys, and is symbolized by Scales.
If you are born under this Sun sign: you naturally desire balancing situations with formal partnerships; and love seeking justice and equality. A true Libra believes in teamwork, convention, harmony - and peace of mind.
Librans love to do things ‘by the book’ while practicing their signature diplomacy.
Librans may possess longer fingers with relatively shorter palms – what Palmists call the Air configuration – which shows ability to make precise, fair decisions.
Finger tips and nails may be spatulate, which suggest a tireless social giver; or square, which suggests convention and dependability; or conic to portray love of art and beauty.
Thumb segments should be equal in length - which indicates even balance of emotion with logic.
Most Librans will position fingers receptively outstretched with slightly curled thumb tips. The second thumb segments may appear to have a waist - sign of tact and delicacy of expression.
A long Mercury finger signals aptitude for conveying ideas.
Mercury and Luna mounts may be most prominent, to reveal excellent powers of communication and artistry.
Life, Head and Heart lines should be unbroken and moderately etched into the palm. The Head line should stretch straight across the palm at least to the third finger, and end in a small fork which reveals common sense combined with imagination.
Libra’s negative side is opportunism -- fooling themselves as well as others – and signs you don’t want to see in a Libra’s palm are :
*An island or a grille on the Mercury mount – markings that suggest dishonesty with self and others.
*A Fate line ending at the Head line juncture – portrays emotion overwhelms reason.
*Tiny intersecting lines on Head line – reveals inability for decision-making and emotional conflict.
*Inwardly bent little finger – indicates a silver-tongued devil and possible con artist.
Back to positive aspects, true dependable Libra loves solid partnerships, so the *Fate line should sprout a small branch or two toward Apollo mount.
*Additionally, there should be an Apollo line – an accessory line in palmistry that portrays penchant for beauty and artistic sensitivity.
Last but certainly not least, presence of a *triangle marking on Mercury mount proves all the more there is no equal to a Libra’s diplomacy.