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Heart Line Tips

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Wide and Narrow Heart Lines

Dear Readers ~
Your Heart line begins at outer edge of palm, above the Head line; and shows your capacity to give or receive love.
As with other palm lines, a smooth Heart line is preferable because it shows smooth flow of energy.
A gently curved Heart line reveals loving nature, while a straight Heart line reveals lack of emotional and romantic sentiment.
Naturally the deeper your Heart line is curved; the more you will be willing to give emotional tender-hearted expressions of love.
Double Heart lines are rare – but if you have two - your emotions can be off the charts, and you may be hurt more easily in love than most others.
If you have downward lines attached to your Heart line, these show you’ve been hurt in unhappy love relationships.
And, small upward lines attached to Heart line show joyous love moments that have left a mark on your soul.
Several up and down love lines attach to the Heart line show you’ve been bitten by the love bug many times.

**One of the easiest ways to tell if a potential lover will be a giver or a taker is to look at Heart and Head line spacing: Wide spacing between the Head and Heart lines reveals extroversion and generosity of romantic expression. Expect flowers, thoughtful surprises, expensive presents, and tons of flattering attention.

But if you notice a narrow spacing between their Head and Heart lines you may  end up being disappointed by a selfish taker  who has a ‘what’s love got to do with it’, or ‘what’s in it for me’ attitude.

So now you have the knowledge for a “narrow” escape - and another reason why it’s a good idea to give a potential lover’s hands a look before taking the leap.