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meaning of rings on mounts
The Four Rings

Dear Readers ~
Occasionally, I see a palm with unusual accessory lines called “mount rings” – but I rarely see more than one ring in a palm. These ring-like lines can be found at the base of each finger, cutting through the fleshy mounts of Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo and Mercury. Depending on the layout of other lines and markings in your palm, presence of a “ring” always suggests special meaning -- thus lends great importance to your palmistry reading . . . Generally if you have a ring of Jupiter (also called ring of Solomon) this means you are sympathetic and quite possibly psychic. Jupiter is also about personal ambition and power so on the positive side a Jupiter ring is the sign of a great ruler -- or on the negative side, a control freak. A ring of Saturn indicates you are probably a pessimist and depressed -- and that you are obsessed with maudlin details of death, thus talented enough to concoct chilling Poe-like tales for a living. Yes, negative can be turned to good – if this ring is combined with positive surrounding palm lines and markings.

meaning of rings on mounts
The Four Rings

If you are blessed with a ring of Apollo this means you are a great inspiration to those you love and work with -- that you create an enjoyable life and fun for those around you. Because of the mainly artistic and creative teacher-types I usually do palmistry readings for – this is the ring I see the most. And if you possess a ring of Mercury this means you are a wonderful caring communicator, especially in one-on-one relationships. Nurturers, therapists, and soulful types tend to bear this rare “ring”. Now and then I have the opportunity of seeing both the ring of Mercury and the ring of Apollo in a client’s palm – and this combination portrays an inspiring and kindly diplomatic soul. I surmise that all politicians and bosses should be required to have the Jupiter, Apollo and Mercury “ring” combinations in their palms -- it would be a far better world if they did.

*Written by MTrue Palmist, who has read palms worldwide for over the past 30 years and online for the last 17 years. MTrue was published countless times on astro ,, astrologia blog, and MTrue has been on T.V; Wisdom Radio; Empire Radio; performed at fairs and parties; Dior Events in NYC; and continues to provide accurate palmistry readings for numerous regular clientele online. is included in the "Top 100 Palmistry Sites" WORLDWIDE. If accuracy and honesty are what you desire, contact MTrue for an in-depth palmistry reading: