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PISCES Palm Characteristics

Water Sign

February 20th to March 20th

Long Fingers
Pisces Palm Characteristics

Dear Readers ~ Pisces (Water Sign) is symbolized by fishes swimming in opposite directions – a situation that suggests duality.
If you are born under this sun sign you have deep faith in the mysteries of life. Like Yin-Yang your contradictory thoughts and outward responses often complement each other. Pisces can be either a highly creative illusionist, like successful actor ---or a miserable disillusioned escapist skid-row addict. What is real in the Piscean mind often doesn’t exist in his outside environment – but this state of mind triggers extraordinary artistic talent.
Positive aspects seen in the Piscean hand are long thin fingers, slender thumbs with long tips and narrow palms.
The Apollo and Mercury fingers should be especially long.
Finger nails very likely will be filbert or almond-shaped reflecting respectively dreamy visions and fascination with the mystical.

Palm lines should appear as watery; palm texture lightly lined and soft to the touch - reveals delicate refinement.
Luna and Pluto mounts should be well-developed to show intuitive, dreamy sub-conscious nature.
A Via Lascivia line is usually is present to reveal ability for making reality out of dreams or fantasy.
The Apollo mount may be graced with a grille marking – sign of an entertainer and attention-getter. A long straight line of Apollo attached to a trident mark nesting on the Apollo mount is another celebrity sign.
Apollo finger segment may be peppered with small crisscross marks to portray a truly dedicated artist.
A Girdle of Venus should be visible (possibly doubled or tripled) which indicates passionate nature.
Head line may curve toward or into the Luna mount, as this mount reveals tendency for dreaminess, creativity and imagination.
Heart line may appear as chained, a configuration often seen in palms of clairvoyants.
The delicate Life line may end on Luna mount instead of curving around Venus mount – sign of a restless soul.
Last but not least, the mystic cross, mark of spiritual or psychic awareness, connects Head line with Heart line and says “I’m in tune”.

Water Sign
( June 22nd - July 23rd )

Cancer the Crab
Cancer - Water Sign

Cancer is a Water sign – warm, caring and sensitive – that rules the breasts and stomach and is symbolized by the Crab.
The crab is a self-contained creature living in its protective shell; so Cancer’s positive aspect happens to be protection. If you are born under this sun sign, you most likely love home, domesticity, and family. Cancers usually mother their friends and family members because they deeply care.
The true Cancer will possess long palms with long fingers and thumbs, held rather protectively together.
Finger nails should be conic or pointed; conic indicating creative nature, and pointed a psychic secretive nature.
Venus mount may be lined with multiple Mars Sister Lines, an indication of strength and compassion. The Luna mount should be peppered with lines of mental travel, and an intuition line.
Life, Head and Heart lines will all be watery in appearance and finely etched into a soft palm.
Life line and Head line should initially be connected by many small vertical lines.
Heart line should be long and fully curved which reveals greater capacity for loving.
Wrists should be adorned with at least one humped wrist rascette, revealing love for children.
Multiple ‘empathy lines’ should embed the mount of Mercury – a sign of caring or assisting those in need.
A square mark on the Jupiter mount signifies a caring, nurturing type who loves to teach or show others the way. This type of Cancer will probably position his/her pointer finger slightly away from middle finger.
Cancer deeply loves home life, so it’s a good bet you’ll see a line of divided anxiety running from inside the Venus mount up to the Saturn mount.
The negative aspects of Cancer are high anxiety and covetousness, which can be reflected in the palm by the following markings:
A much frazzled Health line signifies nerves constantly on edge; this Cancer must learn to meditate, pamper or take better care of health.
Luna mount may contain a grille mark which implies this Cancer doesn’t use energy wisely – increasing stress and anxiety levels.
As for the green-eyed monster, beware of the Cancer with a deep, long, high-set Heart line.

Water Sign
(October 24th - November 22nd )

 palm lines and markings

Dear Readers ~
Scorpio is a Water sign that rules organs of sex and elimination; and is symbolized by the Scorpion and Eagle. If you are born under this sign, you believe in getting to the heart of the matter - and prefer to not waste precious time on petty stuff or nonsense of life. A true Scorpio is the ‘silver bullet’ in any business organization – because after all, Scorpio is a money sign.
Scorpio men and women are known for their sexual magnetism and hypnotic powers. Palmar indications of this ability are long-ish, tapered fingers, and narrow-ish palms – characteristics that reveal Scorpio’s psychic, secretive nature. Likewise, most of the fingers and thumbs may be held in a more closed, private position.
Luna mount should be well-developed and long; pink or red in coloring - which reveals rich imagination and creative drive.
Venus mount should be well-developed in the earthier lust-obsessed type of Scorpion. Obsession – another key to Scorpio’s nature, is observed in a Life line with many tiny upward branches; long Head line diving downward into Luna mount; and deeply-curved, long Heart line accompanied by double or tripled Girdle of Venus.
Head line should be long, deep, and free of breaks or tiny bar markings - configurations that reveal strong powers of concentration.
Health line should be present – as well as clear deep and singular.
Fate line should contain many upward ambition lines and no gaps or island marks.
"Magic M" formation may be observed – a configuration formed by Life, Head, Heart and Fate lines. Combined with an upward lilt of Head line ending, the ‘M’ is considered by some cultures to be a sign of natural money-making prowess.
Because Scorpio is quite taken with the hidden side of life, a ‘triangle marking’ may be observed on Saturn mount.This is an unusual marking for anyone to possess --and is not to be confused with a triad dermal pattern.
Luna mount should be peppered with many fine lines, cross marks and island marks – all signs of intuitive power or psychic ability.
Mercury finger should be obviously positioned away from Apollo finger – to reveal the open-minded Scorpio.
Too often others view Scorpion nature as cold and ruthless – because they misinterpret the most brilliant, positive aspect of Scorpio which is renewal, and being open to the new. A true positively-focused Scorpio is involved with actively eliminating old, unused things in life – an excellent practice that most often results in a refreshed outlook about life.