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MYSTERY  PALM PRESENTS : Blog on Extra Finger Segments and Polydactyly

Extra fingers, Extra Finger lines
Poyldactyly and Extra Segments

Dear Readers ~
Ever notice how some people seem to have extra finger segments – it’s rare but in some cases my clients appear to have four instead of three segments on one - or even rarer - all of their fingers. So what does this mean in Western palmistry . . .
Basically, your pointer finger represents your personal power and ambition; middle finger wisdom and learning; ring finger artistry and self-fulfillment; and little finger communication, sense of humor, and sexuality. So having extra finger sections mean you find it harder to put energy into the particular goals each finger represents -- more so than those with the ‘norm’ of three finger creases.
Four creases is not a sentence of doom – BUT because extra finger segments do show division of energy, you will have to exert more energy to be successful in life. It’s like the fellow with four finger segments who went to a priest and was told “You will be successful -- but gradually.”
And on the contrary, Vedic Palmistry belief is that four finger segments is a special sign that brings extra luck -- so interpretation depends upon your geography.

Extra Fingers,Extra Finger Segments
Poyldactyly and Extra Segments

Then there’s polydactyly (extra fingers or toes), a condition which is inherited and it occurs in one of every 25,000 births.
Centuries ago, women with extra fingers were tried for witchcraft. There persists a rumor that Anne Boleyn (1501-1536) had six fingers -- and she was executed for adultery and witchcraft. Although it was said she did have a sixth finger, one of her associates described it as a "small extra nail on the side of her pinkie finger". Anne was quite self-conscious about having this malformation of her right hand, so she started a trend of wearing long hanging sleeves to cover it.
Some believe polydactyly is nature's way of adding a mutation that could be useful in the future – but today most parents opt for surgery when their infant is born with an extra digit. This could be why I’ve noticed the condition of polydactyly much less often than the extra finger segments that a mere handful of my clients possess.
*Written by MTrue Palmist, who has read palms worldwide for over the past 30 years and online for the last 17 years. MTrue was published countless times on astro;; astrologia blog; Facebook; and MTrue has been on T.V; Wisdom Radio; Empire Radio; performed at fairs and parties; Dior Events in NYC; and continues to provide accurate palmistry readings for numerous regular clientele online. is included in the "Top 100 Palmistry Sites" WORLDWIDE. If accuracy, honesty, and sensitivity are what you desire, contact MTrue for an in-depth palmistry reading: