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Star Marks in the Palm

meaning of star marks
Star Marks in the Palm

Dear Readers ~
If you happen to have palms with lots of accessory lines, you most likely will have a star mark or two. To be considered a star, short crisscross lines must be free of main lines and contain at least five points – so a star looks like an asterisk in the palm. Depending upon positioning in your palm, the star may foretell bon chance - or not so savory fortune in your future . . .
Jupiter Star (positioned on mount directly under pointer finger) generally is the sign of a leader; and means at some point in your life you will have power, overnight success, and recognition in your field of choice.
Venus Star (positioned high or midway up Venus mount) means you are lucky in love because of animal magnetism – but less lucky if the star is seen low on your Venus mount.
Luna Star was viewed as a sign of trouble in Victorian times, as it meant difficulties while traveling over bodies of water. In modern Western palmistry the Luna star is a gift marker of one who has access to the psychic realm.

meaning of stars in palm
Star Marks in the Palm

Mercury Star (positioned on mount directly beneath little finger) is a rare star I don’t often see in client palms. One is quite fortunate to bear this mark - as it means brilliant success in business fields that concern communication.
Apollo Star (positioned on mount directly under ring finger) is a fortuitous sign, especially if one is an entertainer or artist. This sign means recognition and reward along with public approval and adoration.
Saturn Star (positioned on mount directly beneath middle finger) has been a topic of controversy – as it has meant ill fate in Western palmistry for as long as I can remember. The esteemed Cheiro surmised in his book “Palmistry for All”, that the Saturn star ‘gives distinction, but one to be dreaded’ – such as being a victim of a horrendous crime, violent death - ‘A king, but one crowned by doom’. Not a good way of becoming famous in my opinion -- so it has been with some relief for me to see this former sign of doom has been re-evaluated by many Modern Palmists as another gift marker of a healer and spiritual soul.

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