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Dear Readers ~ Average thumb length is a good thing in palmistry – But when I see a long thumb I feel an extra boost of admiration, and think ‘Wow – that person can do anything he or she wants’. And when I see a short thumb I sense ‘this person NEEDS warm, cozy and familiar’.
But aside from length, the way your thumb is positioned on inner palm is what palmists call the ‘thumb cast-off’; and it is as important as thumb length.
Take a look at length of your inner palm, from base of pointer finger to where thumb casts off from edge. If this space is short (high-set) you naturally possess more dependent character and tend to dislike change.
If your thumb is short and high set it means you are often swayed by loved-ones’ influence; and swept up by emotion. Surprises and big changes are NOT your favorite things!
If your thumb is set about half-way down (medium-set) into inner edge of palm, then you possess greater open-mindedness and adaptability in most circumstances. You tend to ‘roll with the punches’ and are flexible in personal and social atmospheres.
Additionally, when you have average thumb length with medium cast-off this means you possess the admirable strengths of compromise and non-violence – traits necessary to survive todays world.
And now for the low-set thumb – one I rarely see – but when I do this type of thumb always accompanies quite interesting palm lines. Independent, versatile, generous to a fault, courageous, colorful character, and outrageous are all words and phrases that come to my mind when I have the opportunity of reading for a low-set thumb client.
If you happen to have long and low-set thumbs, then you are most likely well-known for your outrageous sense of humor and/or extremist views. Changing schedules, tough challenges, surprising turns, and adventures are mere fuel for your fiery nature!