Named Planetary Traits of Fingers

YOUR FINGERS & What They Reveal

By MTrue, Palmist

Did you know that Palmistry is about more than just the lines in the palm? While examining your palm, an experienced, knowledgeable palmist also observes the shape and positioning of your fingers, along with palmar shape. This pertains to "Cheirognomy", (the study of the hand's shape and texture). The resulting combination of "Cheirognomy" with "Cheiromancy" (the study of palmar lines and markings) results in the study of "Palmistry".
Readers, you are about to learn that the length, shape and curvature of your fingers reveal many interesting personality aspects -- just as your palmar lines and markings.

Positioning of Fingers:In the study of palmistry, when the pointer (otherwise called Jupiter) finger tip leans toward the Saturn finger(middle finger), it indicates one who has learned to place societal roles and accepted ways above true personal feelings. When the entire Saturn (middle finger) leans toward the Jupiter (pointer finger), it indicates a tough customer who tends to seek power in work and play relationships. The entire Saturn (middle finger) leaning toward the Apollo (ring finger) indicates a delightful individual who enjoys helping others and establishing fame or success through friendships and social interaction.If the Apollo finger tip (ring finger) curves toward the Saturn (middle finger), the individual tends to role-play, or live behind a facade created by societal expectations. If the entire Mercury (little finger) leans toward the Apollo (ring finger), it reveals an individual who has learned to hide true feelings. When the little finger tip is curved severely toward the ring finger, it indicates an individual who could possibly be a con artist -- or very good at being one! When the entire Mercury (little finger) is positioned far from the ring finger, this indicates a free spirit - open-minded and sexually liberated.

And now for the Thumb:

The thumb represents ego, emotional and logical nature, all rolled into one digit. The tip is representative of one's emotions -- so, a longer tip (in respect to the other segments), reveals one ruled by emotion. If the middle segment is longest, one is ruled by logic. The third segment happens to be the mount of Venus; and if most plump and prominent, indicates passionate, lusty, 'bon vivant' nature.
Also important to note is thumb positioning in respect to the palm:

Low-Set Thumb
When the thumb leans far away from the rest of the hand, it  indicates an individual who possesses a good sense of humor and loves to take chances. If the thumb is low-set, lending the appearance of almost hanging down, it portrays intense beliefs and an outrageous or inflammatory approach to life (i.e. a fanatic).

On the contrary, when the thumb hugs tightly to the rest of the hand, it signifies an individual who does not enjoy taking chances and altering routines. One should look for a  happy medium -  thumb is held about 2 inches away from the third phalange (segment) of the pointer finger.

Also, if you notice one hiding  thumbs inside of  palms, it conveys  an insecure individual unsure or uncomfortable about present matters. One often observes small children hiding thumbs in curled fists . . .

Medium Length Fingers
In Respect to Finger Length:

Short fingers (shorter than the palm ), indicate the "Fire personality" - one with tendency toward impatience. This type is rather physically oriented, and tends to be a high energy go-getter. Short-fingered people are inclined to cause upheaval -- they simply love keeping things stirred up!

When there is an extremely short Jupiter (pointer finger),  short Apollo (ring finger), and  short Mercury (little finger), it indicates the bearer tends to feel his needs supersede the needs of others. This individual must learn to fight the urge for instant gratification. Most likely, others will receive little emotional support from this  individual -- as this type is too self-absorbed.

Those who possess an extremely  short pointer finger in an otherwise normal hand, tend to accept roles society imposes,  rather  than fight what life offers otherwise.

Shorter fingers with square-tips indicate practical, dependable, logical nature. This individual is a reliable employee, and prefers concrete and visible over fantasy or risky experimentation.

Shorter fingers with pointed tips indicate a dreamer; one who thrives on creative imagination and fantasy. Shorter fingers with spatulate tips ( tips that flare out, or v-shaped), indicate physical high-energy work-a-holic nature. This 'ball of fire' loves sports and tends to work all night to get the job done faster. Shorter fingers with conical-shaped (roundish) tips indicate an artistic, sensuous nature. Of course these people make very talented artists and musicians.

Long Fingers
Those possessing long fingers  are sensitive, outreaching, intuitive individuals zoned into world problems. Long-fingered people tend to strive for healing and world harmony.
Long finger tip phalanges (in respect to the second and third phalanges) reveal the individual constantly searching to improve spiritual progress. A great portion of this individuals lifetime will be focused on enriching knowledge of new age, spiritual, psychic realms.

Long fingers have more receptor cells; and in primitive cultures, long-fingered people were more sensitive to climate and earth changes. In todays stressful society, having long fingers can open a person up to more intense stress - more so than for those possessing shorter fingers.
An individual with long fingers and conic tips (roundish) is considered the combination of practicality and imagination. This type has insight (length of finger), and quick comprehension of detail (conic tips). An individual with long fingers and square tips is hard working (square tips), but needs to think things through slowly and carefully before decision-making .

One with long fingers and spatulate tips (V-shaped), is active and high energy (spatulate tips); but this type has a tendency for getting bogged down with details or guilty conscience (long fingers).

The psychic idealistically possesses long fingers and pointed tips -- hallmarks of imagination and idealism. Energy flows into and out of this person very well. This type is artistic - and the smoother the fingers - the more psychic ability.

Also of importance is the 'curled' palm position as it is the posture of one untrusting and wary of surrounding environment. On the contrary, one holding palms and fingers widespread and flung back, is open-minded, receptive to suggestion and always fueled for a new adventure.

Why do we have fingerprints?
Most all of us possess fingerprints in varied shapes of arch patterns, loops or whorls - except in the case of Adermatoglyphia, which is the absence of fingerprints.

Wikipedia definition

Scientists conclude we have fingerprints for the purpose of improving our sense of touch. Having prints are somewhat like having little vibrating suction cups -- for example, when holding a glass of water. People without fingerprints have difficulty performing this simple task. For more information on the scientific findings regarding purpose of fingerprints see:

Why do we have fingerprints

Written by MTrue, Palmist and writer of "Mystery Palm", formerly "Mystery Palm of the Week".

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