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  Palmistry 101 ~
"Palmistry Reveals Occupational Direction"

Are you satisfied with your current life position or occupation? Yearn to do something other than your current position allows, but wonder if you have what it takes? Or perhaps you want to be able to examine your childrens palms and discover their true talents, future happiness and success?
Hidden ability can be determined by examining shape of hands, nails, and lines of the palms. So lets take a peek at unique configurations of a few selected occupations:
The classic actor tends to possess long fingers with conic (oval) tips, revealing artistic nature. The Apollo and Mercury mounts (respectively under ring finger and little finger) should be rather puffy, or the highest mounts in the palm. The Mercury (little) finger should be rather long as this portrays aptitude for communication and deep desire to be heard.
The Analyst should possess large hands (reveals ability to execute the smallest of details, whether it is figuring out a complicated analytical problem or just playing), with second finger phalanges being longer than the top and bottom segments. Look for large or pronounced knots on all fingers, and a pronounced knot on the second thumb phalange - sign of one who enjoys discovering intricate properties of objects and situations.
Conic (oval) nails and fingertips are typical of the artistic hand; and presence of an Apollo line preferably long and unbroken. The Apollo and Mercury mounts should be puffy or higher than the other palm mounts; and the Luna mount should be red or deep pink in coloring. The Head line should droop, touching the Luna mount (mount that reveals ones ability to communicate with ones own dreams, as well as desire for creative expression).
Business Person:
Square-tipped fingers indicate dependable and practical nature of a good business person. Long thumbs reveal strong will and good sense of ego, the necessary tools for survival in handling public whim. The Head line must be strong and unbroken as it indicates mental strength and ability to succeed. The Mercury mount depicts communication ability amongst other aspects, so it should be puffy or pronounced with a strong line of Mercury leaning toward Apollo mount(business line configuration). Large hands reveal ability to deal with small details; and small hands indicate a knack for managing large projects and vision for over-all picture.
The Engineer tends to possess wide (social) and square (dependable, practical) palms. Knotty fingers reveal problem solving strengths; and spatulate finger tips indicate tireless energy for complicated projects. The Saturn mount portrays wisdom/ problem solving ability so it should be pronounced or puffy. A straight Head line indicates practical nature and common sense.
Rather long smooth fingers reveal release of outward flowing energy and self expression; conic finger tips indicate artistic temperament. The outer edge of the palm should be well rounded showing good sense of rhythm; and pronounced Luna (imagination), Apollo (creativity), Mercury (communication), and Venus(lustiness) mounts. A drooping Head line indicates ability to delve into personal dreams, imagination and creative thinking processes.
Physician :
There should be presence of "medical stigmata" (at least 3 or 4 short vertical lines on the Mercury mount). Large hands indicate ability to handle the smallest of details, as well as pleasant bedside manner. When small handed the physician has a quest for the really big picture - recipe for healing all humanity.
The Scientist configuration is similar to the Analyst, except hand size tends to be average to small. Palms are narrow-ish; and fingers on the long side. The Saturn finger (middle) should be well developed as it reveals learning ability/wisdom, amongst other aspects.
The self-starter type usually possesses a long Jupiter finger, and wide spacing between the Jupiter and Saturn fingers emphasizes control. Spatulate finger tips indicate tireless energy; and long, knotty fingers the ability to analyze situations thoroughly before acting. Long thumbs reveal good sense of ego and will power. The Life and Head lines beginning separated at the start show independent nature and aptitude for handling matters independently.
A strong Head line slanting or straight and beginning separate from the Life line is preferable. Fingers should be knotty (analytical) with square tips (dependable, practical) or conic tips (creative). A long thumb shows will power; and the Apollo, Upper Mars and Mercury mounts should be pronounced. The characteristic mark found in a teachers palm is the "teachers square" - a square mark observed on the Jupiter mount and a hallmark of a memorable instructor. When doubled, squares on the Jupiter mount are the sign of a master teacher.
Long Jupiter and Mercury fingers with conic tips reveal creativity. An Apollo line should be present; the Apollo (artistry), Mercury (communication) and Luna (dreams, creativity) mounts should be pronounced. A drooping Head line combined with a medium sized fork on the ending is the "writers fork", indication of literary talent. Another sign of writing ability is a small cross mark (x) on the Mercury mount dubbed "writers cross".
Dear Readers ~ This article presents only a sampling of career possibilities; and I do welcome your questions and comments.

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"Palmistry 101 -  Nail Shapes" 

Did you know palm reading concerns much more than interpreting lines in the palm? The nail is a sort of window allowing us to see our basic health conditions, emotional state, as well as personality characteristics.

The most desirable nail color is shell pink and free of cloudy spots; texture should be smooth not ridged. Clouds, (small white specks that appear occasionally in the nail) and ridges in nail texture are both stress indicators. Red nails signal passion and possible high blood-pressure; white nails reveal lack of stamina; and blue nails, poor circulation. The "moon" located at nail base reveals  physical circulation as well as inner feeling and perception. When the moon is covered it can indicate lack of inner awareness as well as need for deep breathing and exercise.

If nails are bitten and ragged from being overly soft it portrays turmoil and raw emotional state. Sometimes a client concentrates on biting or ripping one particular nail but allows his other nails to flourish - a sign of emotional problems in one specific area of the clients life. When his problem is solved, the client usually stops sabotaging that particular nail. Likewise, when a client solves arguments with loved ones, his nails will harden to a normal thickness.

*Wide nails signal aggression as well as a more social, physically inclined nature.

* Narrow nails reveal sensitivity, need for privacy and less physically inclined nature; also possible secretiveness.

*Extremely short finger nails signal a critical temperament and possible argumentative tendencies; while lush, elongated nails reveal a more luxurious possibly impractical persona.

*Nails set wide but short reveal need for instant gratification or immaturity; if set closer to the finger tip, a taste for argument.

*Square nails reveal practicality and common sense.

*Conic or oval nails seem to be the most common configuration and reveal artistic creativity but sometimes impractical nature.

*Spatulate signal creativity, work-a-holic tendencies, and ironic sense of humor.

*Wedge-shaped nails, a variation of spatulate, reveal sensitivity and love of knowledge.

*Shell nails are similar to wedge nails, but not as deep set as the wedge. The shell configuration reveals a real go-getter who tends to stress out.

*Corn kernel nails indicate need for proper rest and better nutrition.

*Almond nails are shaped like an almond and indicate a fantasy filled, sensitive, psychic/complicated persona.  When more rounded at  nail base (Almond#1), reveals intense clarity and imagination but possible egotism. When more rounded at the nail tip (Almond#2), signals possible shyness, deep sensitivity, mysticism and religious beliefs.

*Perhaps considered the most beautiful of all fingernail shapes is the feline configuration. False fingernails are often modeled after this particular configuration, which is rather strange as the shape is raised up off the nail bed. This raised configuration is associated with heart and lung problems in medical circles. Also, nails are often a blu-ish tint signaling poor circulation.

*Filbert nails are in my opinion some of the rarest to observe. This configuration covers nearly the entire finger tip and portrays a psychic, creative, dreamy personality or one who transmits his wisdom as intellectual gems to his associates.

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"Compatibility through Love Signs in Your Palm"

The Heart line is located above the Head line beginning at the palms ulnar (outer) edge; and reveals capacity to give and receive love. As with other palmar lines, an unchained, unbroken, deeply etched Heart line is preferable because these qualities show smooth unblocked flow of energy. A chained Heart lines reveals fickleness; broken,interruptions of emotional flow (also weakening of the heart if appearing as a dotted line). The typical Heart line is gently curved; the straight Heart line reveals lack of emotional or flowery romantic sentiment. Naturally the deeper a Heart line is curved, the more one will exhibit intense, emotional, tender hearted expressions of love.

Double Heart lines signal extra intense emotion which also means tendency to be hurt in love relationships.

Wide spacing between Head and Heart lines reveals extroversion or generosity of romantic expression; narrow spacing portrays a ‘what’s in it for me’ self-preservationist.

While little downward lines off the Heart line reveal unhappy relationships - small upward lines portray happier times.

A Heart line ending with a small fork near the Jupiter mount reveals desire for harmony and loyalty in love; ending in a triple fork – sign of financial & emotional luck with a love partner.

The Heart line that curves in an arc at the end and touches the beginning of the Head line signifies one spends a great deal of time making money – the ‘material girl/boy’ configuration.

A curved Heart line ending between pointer and middle fingers reveals loyalty and devotion. Ending in the middle of the Jupiter mount, great pride in choice of love partners; ending under middle finger, moodiness or a cool calculator in love matters.

Beware of the Heart line ending between the middle and ring finger as it reveals sensuality with roaming tendencies; also a high deep-set Heart line shouts of possessiveness and the green-eyed monster . . . .

Love signs in the palm don’t stop with the Heart line – there’s also the ‘affection line’, ‘happy marriage cross’, ‘girdle of Venus’, ‘influence line’ and ‘child line’ - which naturally add extra fire to a palm reading - because not all possesses these auxiliary markings.

The ‘affection line’ reveals the number of true loves in one’s life time – this marking is a small horizontal line located at the palm’s outer edge beneath the little finger and beginning of the Heart line. Most people have one – but I’ve observed as many as seven in a palm, with some of the tiny lines appearing deeper and longer than others. The more ‘affection lines’ one possesses, the more love one has to give!
A deep very long ‘affection line’ running as far as the ring finger mount signals finding one’s soulmate . . .

The ‘happy marriage cross’ observed on the Jupiter mount reveals one’s ability to maintain a successful marriage or marriage-like relationship. Absence of the marriage cross & affection line usually signals one’s tendency to feel incomplete in romantic relationships.

The presence of a ‘girdle of Venus’ reveals passion and devotion to the people and things one loves. Look for an unbroken girdle, because the broken girdle reveals unbridled, undisciplined passion.

One can observe marriage or a marriage-like relationship by observing the ‘influence line’ which stems from the palm’s outer edge and runs to the Fate line. If joined to the Fate line it reveals marriage; ends before reaching the Fate line, a marriage cancelled; passes through the Fate line, separation or divorce.

Lastly, the ‘child line’ signifies an important child in one’s life and can be found attached at the crease where the little finger joins the palm. A child line is a small, finely-etched vertical line, running down the Mercury mount. Longer child lines signify boy children and shorter lines, girls. Some people who’ve never had children possess child lines, either because they’ve adopted or lovingly mentored another’s child . . .

So if YOU are looking for love signs in the palm, I hope these palm reading tips prove useful in your quest for true love and happiness.
*If you have further questions about the Heart line et al, you may contact MTrue by e-mail:


Skeletal Formation of the Hand
And how it relates to Palmistry

Ever wonder what long spidery fingers reveal about one’s personality? Or short knotty fingers? People with long smooth fingers tend to allow emotions to flow freely; and knotty fingers reveal tendency for blocking or analyzing emotion. Indeed the skeleton of our hand tells the world oceans about our personalities and basic traits. A human hand is comprised of twenty seven bones and with time experience and inner will, alterations to the bones can occur. To accurately examine the hand one has to consider proportion to body size. Did you know people with large hands tend to be excellent with tiny details; those with small hands excel at big projects and understanding the over-all picture. Long digits reveal a tendency for sensitivity and deep thought before action; and short digits signal quick reaction.
Each finger segment is called a phalange and length of each bone segment reveals one’s approach toward the world. The third phalange or base segment of the finger represents basic needs like food, sex, and instant gratification. So when the base finger segment is longest it may reveal lusty nature, strong survival instinct -- but also impulsiveness or self-absorption. The concrete tangible side of life is most important for this type.
The middle finger phalange is elevated above basic instinct; and it relates to social adaptability or people skills. Those with relatively longer middle segments tend to be involved in many friendships, volunteer work, and civic activities.  Management, training and assisting others holds top priority with this helpful individual.
The finger tip or first phalange represents our nobler and spiritual nature; and naturally this segment tends to be the shortest. But when longer than the norm, the tip reveals one who will seek pure truth and beauty -- with the highest love and respect for all of humanity. This selfless individual will not seek power for his personal gain; and is willing to devote his life to a higher power.
*If any of you wish to lengthen your finger segments, you may -- by gently massaging toward the tips -- and you can slightly correct bent or broken digits by doing so daily.

Skeleton of the Hand

"Understanding Your Head Line"

*Illustration of Head Line Variations Above*
The palm’s Head line is most often found nestled between Life and Heart lines – somewhat centered in the palm – and this main palm line serves as the palm’s main indicator as to how far a person can succeed in life. All other palm lines have great importance in a palmistry reading -- but your Head line gets the starring role . .
Head lines come in a variety of lengths, shapes, or directions. The Head line may be forked, chained, broken, feathered, or straight and solid. One must consider the length, shape, and integrity of the Head line, and consider intersecting lines and markings which alter interpretation. One fact is, if your Head line ends on or beyond area aligning with your ring finger, this indicates above normal intelligence. A Head line that cuts all the way across the palm to the ulnar edge indicates unusual intelligence.
Let’s study the basic origination and ending of Head lines . . .
*The ‘text book’ Head line originates just touching the very beginning of the Life line and runs straight across the palm ending under the vicinity of the ring finger. As long as the line is clear and unbroken, this indicates balance, and strong, sound mentality. This person is practical and can be creative, but doesn’t necessarily direct their energy toward music and art as a profession.
*A Head line originating beneath the Life line indicates an individual who needs to challenge authority. This is a rebellious sort who feels the need to fight for their rights. The ‘socially acceptable’ or ‘traditional way’ is not their favorite choice as a rule.
*Originating unattached and above the Life line indicates an independent, self-sufficing individual. The closer the Head line originates or ‘points’ toward the pointer finger, the more brilliant! Lots of times this person will also have little uplifting ‘feathers’ on their Head line, which indicate high hopes.
*Originating joined with the Heart line indicates a very cautious individual. What others think is very important to this person. This individual will always need to be around lots of friends and close companions who keep them inspired and ‘pumped up’.
*A Head line ending in a fork and slanting downward indicates writing talent if the fork begins under the Apollo (ring finger). However, if the fork begins under the Saturn area (middle finger), this indicates a ‘dual personality’. A straight Head line ending in a small fork in the vicinity under the Apollo finger indicates one who possesses creativity balanced with good common sense.
*Head line that curves UP on the ending indicates an individual who is quite self-sufficient in their lifetime. This person always finds ways to turn around situations or re-invent themselves. I call this the sign of a mighty little money-maker.
*Ending of Head line near Luna mount indicates a dreamy, artistic, sensual sort. This person soaks up their environment like a sponge and thrives on dreams, beauty, and music. The more downward the curve, the more this individual is swept away by emotion. *An intuitive or psychic palm includes a Head line that curves down into the Luna mount, and at least one Mystic Cross is present. Together with a line of intuition, ring of Jupiter, and enlarged or rosy-colored Pluto mount = psychic ability.
*A forked ending - part of which uses the Heart line for support - indicates one who will do anything for the sake of love. They will ‘walk through the fire’… I call this the ‘slave to love’ Head line.
Unusual Head line formations include the *Simian line where the Head and Heart lines are melded so it looks like there are two main palm lines instead of three. The bearer of this formation may go to the extremes in life – either a perfect sinner or perfect saint. This marking is observed in the palms of mentally challenged as well as highly intelligent characters. And I do mean characters!
*Sidney line is an extremely long Head line that goes all the way to palm’s outer edge. Shows high intelligence but may also indicate learning disabilities in early age. Once this type decides it’s time, he goes ahead at full speed excelling over his peers.
*Suwon Crease. This configuration was first noted in the Orient and seen in only males during an extensive study period performed on thousands of Koreans. Basically, Suwon crease consists of the three main lines but with a long extensive Heart line that runs completely from ulnar edge to radial edge of palm. In some instances the Head line will join the long Heart line either on radial or ulnar side of palm. This formation is associated with notably superior intelligence; but also tendency toward neuroticism. Only .5% of 5,196 participants in a Korean study had the Suwon Crease and mainly had it in the left palm.
There are of course many variations to these examples, as everyone is different and special in their own way . . . but no matter which type of Head line you possess, remember solid lines indicate a stronger ‘flow’ of energy than thin, broken, frayed or chained lines.

Copyright Mary Trueschel known as MTrue Palmist and writer of MysteryPalm.Com