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Aries Palm Characteristics

Fire Sign


feathered Heart line
Aries Palm Characteristics

Dear Readers ~
Aries, a Fire sign that rules the head, is symbolized by the Ram – a head-strong creature with quick, energetic response. Naturally, if you’re born under this sun sign you are action-oriented, exuberant, and eager to add a touch of springtime to your style.
Starting with a classic Aries palm shape, this sign should generally be represented by fingers shorter than the palms – and that is because shorter fingers reveal quicker reactions.
Finger nails should be spatulate or flared – as both nail types reveal high energy.
The Aries thumb should be spread at least two inches away from the palm, because wider spacing of thumb indicates openness and readiness.

The Venus mount should be prominent and rosy, which reveals strong physical health; and the Life line should be deeply cut and solid –sign of vitality and resistance to stress.
The Head line should indicate independence, by beginning totally unconnected from the Life line. Also look for a long, unbroken Head line, the hallmark of strong mentality.
The Heart line most likely will appear as a thick feather – which indicates a vivacious flirty person who has many relationships.
Typically, Aries loves to initiate action, so another positive aspect of this sun sign that may be reflected in an Aries palm is a trident mark that rises from the Head line, and then rests on the mount of Jupiter. This ambitious and powerful marking portrays the true Aries spirit of being a brave pioneer in the journey of life.

Leo the Lion Palm Characteristics
Fire Sign
(July 24th - August 23rd )

Lep the Lion
Leo, a Fire Sign

Leo - a Fire sign ruling the heart is symbolized by the Lion – brave, courageous and proud. If you are born under this Sun sign, knowledge that you have power to rule comes naturally. The true Leo reacts with chutzpah, courage, and extroverted grandiose gestures in personal, social and professional situations.
Shorter fingers in relationship to palm length indicate Leo makes quick decisions. This is a Fire sign attribute; and having wider palms indicates that Leo is a socially and physically-oriented extrovert.
Conic finger tips and nails belong to the artistic Leo; pointed tips and nails reveal one secretive and possibly sneaky; and square tips and nails represent the organizer or boss of all bosses.
Delightfully extroverted, Leo hold fingers and thumbs widely-spaced to reveal open- mind attitude.
Leos have extraordinary ways of expressing themselves, reflected in the palm by an independent-type Head line beginning totally separated from the Life line; as well as a long, deep gently-curved Heart line.
A 'dyed in the wool' Leo has rather wide spacing between Head line and Heart line – an indication of flamboyance in love and fun extrovert.
Leo happens to be the most intensely self-aware sign of the zodiac; but along with this persona comes false pride and subsequent imperiousness attitude. Negative signs reflected in the Leo palm are:
Grille mark on Jupiter mount reveals egotism and a domineering individual.
Island mark on Apollo mount indicates loss of reputation and one who needs to pay better attention to self- image.
Island mark on the Apollo line indicates a Leo who must constantly be aware of the effect their actions cause, or suffer the consequences. . .
Presence of a double Heart line is not a bad thing - as it means intensified capacity for love - but on the downside reveals being easily hurt in love. Leo can be intensely hurt in romance through issues of pride and/or reputation.
On the upside -- positive palm signs for Leo should include a plush, rosy-colored Venus mount --- sign of a lusty, vigorous Leo; and a long Luna mount -- sign of an artistic Leo.
A trident marking on Leo Jupiter mount is the hallmark of a self-assured pioneer and born leader.
Leo self-image is intensely treasured – and this is revealed by a strong uncrossed line of Apollo – hallmark of the successful entertainer, artist or musician.
Last, but not least - look for a trident mark on the Leo Apollo mount – as this sign portrays a true celebrity.

Sagittarius Palm Characteristics
Fire Sign
(November 23rd - December 21st )

Sagittarius the Archer
Sagittarian Palm Traits

Sagittarius, a Fire sign ruling the thighs is symbolized by the Archer – a soul who seeks new directions to shoot his arrows. If you happen to be born under this Sun sign, you are both a teacher and preacher of self-knowledge and change. A true Sagittarius is exuberant in his/her quest for truth; so this sign maintains the reputation of high-mindedness.
Palmar qualities the true Sagittarian typically possesses are long palms with shorter fingers – traits that reveal quick reaction and creative drive.
Knotty philosopher’s fingers, and widely-spaced thumbs and fingers reveal the open-mindedness of Sagittarius. Thumb is often low-set, which portrays outrageous and eccentric personality.
The bottom width of the palm should be narrower than width across fingers.
Nails are often spatulate in shape which suggests tireless energy and enthusiasm; or conic-shaped to indicate creative talent.
Palms are often yellow-ish in coloring -- the color of a studious nature.
Because Sagittarius loves walking, running, horseback riding and sports, the Life line should be long and deeply etched – sign of vitality.
Love of travel will be indicated by a Life line that ends closer to Luna mount instead of curving comfortably around Venus mount.
Head line will be long, curving downward and ending in a small fork – line configuration of one who creates reality out of fantasy and possesses literary talent.
There may be presence of a Jupiter line - an accessory line that screams ambition; also an Apollo line – hallmark line of creative fire.
Empathy lines should grace the Mercury mount because these portray a soul who loves to assist, teach and guide.
The Jupiter mount may contain a square marking -- or even a double square which happens to be the sign of a master teacher.
Sometimes Sagittarius comes off as overly-optimistic or high-strung – a person who fearlessly goes forth into the world, flying by the seat of his/her pants. And because of all the exuberance going on with Sagittarius, it’s difficult to acknowledge they have negative sides – like hypocrisy and financial disaster. Below are palm signs you don’t want to see in a Sagittarian:
*Very hollow palm or curled thumb tip – both traits mean trouble holding onto money.
*Circle marking on Mercury mount (under little finger) – shows one who needs to be more honest with self.
*Cross marking on Saturn mount – means chronically losing things in travel, or being accident-prone – twisted ankles and sprains, particularly with a Sagittarian.